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Even when they aren’t part of the original structure, exposed beams can add character and contrast to a home renovation project.

Regardless of which stylistic elements you want to center in your renovation, there is truly a ceiling beam style for every homeowner.

You can mix and match materials and shapes to make your ceiling stand out as much as your light fixtures or bold paint colors. Plus, accent beams don’t have to break the budget.

If you need more reasons to consider ceiling beams in your home renovation, keep reading.

Why Faux Beams?

If your home doesn’t already have structural beams that can be exposed, that doesn’t mean your dreams for your renovation are crushed. In fact, faux wood beams can be installed in a variety of spaces.

Faux beams aren’t as heavy as real wood. The heavier weight of wood can cause strain on the walls and existing frame of the house.

Hollowed beams add the same visual appeal without the potential for damage or higher cost of installation.

The process of installing a resin-based beam is more cost-effective and flexible overall. Plus, it offers more room for customization.

Materials to Consider

When you imagine ceiling beams, you might think of a particular shade of brown wood of a certain shape and size stretching across the ceiling of a white-painted room. And while that look is a classic one, it’s not the only option.

Depending on your style preferences, you can find a beam that fits your taste. You can use a variety of wood finishes like cedar or pine.

Or, if you’d prefer to lean away from wood and find something more industrial-looking, you can also install beams with more of a steel finish.

What’s more is that regardless if you have real exposed beams or faux ones, you can always paint or stain them to blend more with the home environment you’re trying to create.

Some things to consider are your future plans for your ceiling design. Do you want to hang light fixtures from your beams? Or, perhaps something fun and comfy like an indoor swing set?

Different Design Styles

When you opt for faux beams, the design options only expand further.

You can create architectural art pieces like arches and patterns across your ceiling. By adding wooden beams to an industrial living room, you can add softness and contrast.

Or, you can mix mid-century modern wood beams with traditional window frames.

If your design preferences lean more rustic, a wood plank ceiling with wood beams might be the perfect centerpiece to your cabin home.

Ceiling Beams for Every Home

No matter what kind of home you live in or what kind of renovation you’re drawing up, ceiling beams can be a fantastic accent piece to round out a room.

Take advantage of all the customization options, and you’ll be well on your way to your dream home. If you’re ready to get started on your ceiling design project, you can start exploring options on our page.