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Home projects are on the rise considering so many are spending more time at home than ever before. Maybe this is causing you to look up a bit more and notice your ceiling needs a little pop of something, a wood beam ceiling perhaps?

Popular design shows like Fixer Upper or Good Bones have inspired the installation of wood beams on a ceiling. Although it is a statement piece, many don’t want to make such a statement with a high price tag.

Luckily for you, there are other folks that feel the same. If you want the same look that a wood beam can give without breaking the bank, look no farther than our composite resin faux wood beams!

The Initial Cost

The cost of real wood beams is already astronomical, often costing people more than $1,000 per room. And this is only the initial purchase. What happens when you add labor, renovation, and potential damages into the mix? That number begins to skyrocket.

Faux wood beams save you tons of money on the initial cost, as the cast resin is not near as expensive as real wood. Our faux wood beams cost the average person about five times less than they would spend on purchasing a real wood beam.

If you’re looking for a financially savvy option, without sacrificing any style, look at our availability of colors, texture, and designs offered in our beams.

Installation Woes

Many don’t take the time to consider the difficulty of installing a real wood beam. The weight alone makes the job quite a challenge, but that weight can become a financial drag. Whereas installing faux wood beams only takes a single, dedicated person, installing real wood beams takes an entire team.

This means you’re paying a higher price for labor. There’s potential as well that extra renovation will have to be done. Opening a wall or ceiling to add more structural beams to combat the weight of the wooden beam becomes expensive fast.

These problems are nonexistent when installing a faux wood beam ceiling instead. You don’t have to compensate for the extra weight by adding structural beams, and you can install the beam yourself!

More Durability

Real wood beams are prone to damage, whether caused by the elements, problems with installation, or even the passing of time! Wood beams rot, chip, split, and swell. There’s always a possibility of damage when installing real wood beams.

As you guessed, these damages can become very costly. Whether the beam itself is damaged, or it damages the ceiling, you’re looking at an expensive fix.
Let’s say there’s a leak in your ceiling above your beam. That water won’t only affect your ceiling, but the surrounding elements, aka your real wood beam. Water damage causes rot and can become dangerous if not taken care of.

If this type of damage happens, you’ll not only be paying to fix your ceiling, but you’ll be removing and replacing a beam as well. Our faux wood beams are resistant to this type of damage. Water, termites, and the passing of time do not affect our resin beams, thereby saving you time and money.

A Functional Wood Beam Ceiling

Real wood beams may be incredibly stylish, but they aren’t functional. Luckily for you, this need not be an either-or situation. You can have both style and functionality!

Because of our three-sided design, you are able to hide unsightly elements in your home, which saves you some extra costs. Many homeowners install an additional wall or floor space to hide wiring or pipes. As you can imagine, you’re paying for that additional labor and installation when it can be avoided.

Our three-sided design offers an open space that hides these eyesores, and at no additional cost. That’s just good design! Don’t settle for extra costs when your needs are met with our faux wood beams!

Don’t Pay More for Style

Although we’ve mentioned some colors and textures we offer, let’s isolate these elements cost-wise. Natural wood beams will come in a variety of stains, but that staining will cost you extra.

Now, you could run along and stain the beam yourself, but you’re paying more money and spending more time on a process already completed in our faux wood beams. Our colors and stains are already finished and at a lower price.

You may be thinking, but what about natural elements found in wood? What about grain or knotting, how can I find that in your resin casts? It’s simple, we incorporate numerous textures because our casts are made from real wood!

This saves you on the aged-wood pricetag. So many are looking for that roughly-hewn, aged look when choosing wooden beams, but they’re paying so much more than they need. We offer all the natural-looking elements you want for a fraction of the cost!

Don’t stain anything yourself, and don’t sacrifice finances when you don’t have to. Check out these stylish homes that saved and upgraded in style!

Save More, Do More

Faux wood is a cheaper, more sustainable option when looking to update or install a wood beam ceiling. The material itself will add up to significant savings. Now, if you consider the install and labor, you’ll be saving yourself both time and money.

Also, consider the sustainability of our faux wood beams! Because they are not prone to damage, you won’t have pesky problems later on. You also can’t forget the style options, this diversity not usually offered in real wood beams.

The possibilities are endless, particularly with our light-weight designs. Don’t be dragged down by extra costs. Contact us to learn more about our offers and designs, and how we are the perfect match for your home!