Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make custom parts?

Yes! Because we design and manufacture all of our products, we are able to easily create custom designs to meet your specifications. Depending on the design, and size of the order, typical lead times do not apply.

Do you have a brochure or catalog?

Yes! We would be happy to mail you a physical product catalog, but it is important to note that our website is the most up-to-date place to familiarize yourself with our product line.

Do you have any local distributors for your products?

We do not have “local distributors” for our products. As the designer and manufacturer, we ship everything straight from our warehouse in Fort Myers, Florida.

Are your faux wood beams easy to install?

Yes! All of our American-Made faux wood beams are easy to install.

Can I make trusses with your faux wood beams?

Yes. All of our faux wood beams can be combined to make different styles of trusses. Our 4-sided faux wood beams are reinforced with aluminum to increase strength.

Can your faux wood beams be used outside?

Yes! All of our resin products can be used for interior and exterior applications. They do not absorb moisture and can be exposed to the elements.

Do your faux wood beams look real?

Our goal is to ensure that once installed, no one can tell the difference between our composite resin faux wood beams, and real faux wood beams. Without touching or lifting it, it’s almost impossible to tell these faux wood beams aren’t the real thing.

How do I clean the faux wood beams?

All of our composite products are relatively maintenance free, however, after long periods of time, they can get dusty, dirty, etc. depending on the location. You can use a simple household duster, or, if necessary, you can use water, and a soft soap to clean the faux wood beams.

How do I order faux wood beams?

You can order our faux wood beams over the phone, or online. The easiest, and fastest way to order our products, is by placing your order online! Just choose your preferred texture, color, size, and style, then add to cart! That’s it!

How much do your faux wood beams weigh?

Our faux wood beams are very light. Because they are light-weight, they can be shipped, and transported easily without the use of any heavy machinery. This makes them ideal for any commercial, professional, or DIY project.

Is there anyone that can install your products for me?

Our faux wood beams are incredibly easy to install! However, if you would prefer to have someone else install them for you, any general contractor should be up to the job.

What are your faux wood beams made of?

All of our products, including our faux wood beams, are made of a two-part resin. Our products are NOT made with Styrofoam, or any other weak material. This resin will not split, rot, or warp, like wood can do over time.

Where are your faux wood beams made?

All of our faux wood beams are designed and manufactured at our warehouse facility in Fort Myers, Florida. We pride ourselves on manufacturing top-quality products right here in the United States.

What faux wood beams lengths do you have?

Online, our faux wood beams come in variations of 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft. All of our faux wood beams can be easily cut to your exact specifications.

What colors do your faux wood beams come in?

Our faux wood beams come in seven different color variations: Unfinished, Weathered Grey, Driftwood, Mahogany, Espresso, Pecan and Walnut.

What countries do you ship to?

For online orders, we can ship to anywhere in the contiguous United States. If you are outside of the contiguous United States, simply give us a call at (239) 689-5450 and we will be happy to create a custom shipping quote for you.

Where are you located?

Our design and manufacturing facility is located in Fort Myers, FL. Our address is: 3730 Canal St, Fort Myers, FL 33916 We pride ourselves on creating quality products right here in the USA.