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Installing solid wood beams in your house can cost as much as $1,000 for one room!

If you don’t have an unlimited budget or an infinite amount of time for this project, you’ll want an inexpensive and quick alternative. This is where faux wood beams are an asset!

Keep reading to learn more about using faux wood beams for your home transformation.

Advantages of Using Faux Wood Beams for Your Home Transformation

If you’re in the process of transforming your home, you probably want to save time and money on as many projects as you can.

If this is the case, faux wood beams are a great option! Here’s why you should invest in faux wood beams:

Faux Wood Ceiling Beams Are Lightweight

While wood beams add a rustic and beautiful look to your home, solid wood beams can be really heavy.

When you factor in the length of the beam with the weight of the wood, it becomes a labor-intensive project. Not only is installing the heavy wooden beams going to be strenuous, but it will also weigh down your ceiling. The beam may weigh down your ceiling so much that it requires another structural beam to hold the weight.

This entire process is going to end up costing way more than you may have anticipated. Plus, the process is really invasive as you may need to open up some of the walls to add the support beams.

If you aren’t interested in putting this much work into your beams, faux wood beams for ceiling are a great alternative. The beams are hollow, so they aren’t nearly as heavy as their solid counterparts. The hollow beams are made of thin pieces of wood that connect at the corners, leaving the entire inside open.

Since the beam is lighter and won’t require additional support beams, you can still get the same look and feel without the extra cost and labor!


While wooden faux wood beams are a way to add to the support of the ceiling as well as the look, wood beams serve other purposes as well!

If your ceiling has flaws that you want to cover up, wooden beams are a great element to add to cover up and distract from them. If you want to run a wire or you have exposed pipes that you want to cover in a room, a hollowed-out wooden beam is a perfect solution. The pipes or wires can run right through the opening while being covered by the wood.

Sometimes it takes opening up a wall or ceiling to hide wires well. As we discussed earlier, opening up a wall or ceiling can be an invasive and expensive project. So, add some faux wooden beams to successfully run wires and pipes through your house without sacrificing your home’s style.

Wood beams aren’t just great for hiding wires and pipes. Beams can hide any ceiling flaws that you don’t want to bother with.

Adding a faux wooden beam will also hide any issues of sagging without making the problem worse. A solid wood beam will be too heavy to add to a sagging ceiling.

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you’re looking for a rustic feel for your home, wooden beams are a great addition.

They can make any home feel more like a cozy log cabin and add a little bit of character to the room. Small architectural details like wooden beams are a great way to liven up a room without making it seem too cluttered or over-the-top.

Adds Consistency to the Design

While a little bit of variation and contrast in each wooden beam is great, too much may just make the room look mismatched.

It’s hard to control the look of a natural wood beam because there’s only so much you can do to treat the wood. A faux beam will give you the same look but with just a little more consistency.

Consistency is essential if you want your room to have a little more of a uniformed appearance.


When you buy natural wood for your beams, the wood may need to be cut or resized to match and fit the room.

This can leave tons of wasted wood from your project! When you choose faux wood, you can have the beams made to be the exact size you need for your room. Plus, you can save on material by only having three sides built.

The fourth side without a wooden plank can be the ceiling-facing side.

Reclaimed wood faux beams aren’t using any new material. They’re made from old wood that was leftover from other projects. Reclaimed wood faux beams also don’t contain any plastic or give off any volatile organic compounds.

How to Install Faux Wood Beams

When it comes to installing faux wood beams, it really couldn’t be easier.

First, you’ll need:

  • A tape measure
  • A gun for caulk
  • Painter’s tape
  • The blocks of faux wood you’re using
  • A ladder if the ceiling is high enough for one
  • A saw
  • Some caulk wood filler
  • A screw gun
  • Adhesive or some liquid nail
  • Screws

Before you install the beams, let them rest in the room you plan on putting them in. This will give them a chance to adjust to the temperature so you’ll know if they shrink or swell. Once the beams have rested, measure the beams and the ceiling where they will go.

Next, you’ll mark the area where the beams will go and apply the anchors. Apply adhesive to the wooden beams to stick them to the ceiling and you’re all set! This is a job that can easily be done by one person.

Are You Ready to Liven up Your Room?

Faux wood beams are an easy and inexpensive option for your home transformation.

You can install them in a couple of hours and without help from someone else. This process is also much less invasive than using solid wood beams. To start customizing your faux wooden beams, check out our options today!