Ease of Installation

Faux beams can be installed by almost anyone. If you purchase some beams online, you won’t need to worry about hiring a contractor to install it. There are hundreds of renovation tv shows out there. Unfortunately, those shows have professional designers and contractors. Obviously, not all of us can afford world-famous contractors to design and install ceiling beams for us. That’s where the beauty of faux wood beams come in. On average, the beams weigh less than 50 pounds and can be easily installed with you and a friend.

Faux Beams Last Longer

Wood naturally absorbs moisture. Even if the wood is sealed, it will need to be resealed, or chance absorbing water. As wood beams absorb water, they will start to deteriorate. You will then need to get them fixed, or replace them. So, if you live in a state, like Florida, that has frequent rain, your real wood beams will not last as long as you wish.

Diamond Resin Products Faux Beams do not absorb moisture. They are made with a strong two-part resin that blocks any type of moisture  from causing any type of deterioration. Whether they are installed inside your living room, or outside your house, you can rest assured that your beams will last for years to come.


The price of custom, real wood beams can get extremely high. The more custom you want your beams, the more expensive they can get. Not only do the beams themselves cost quite a bit, but the professional installation and maintenance can make them even more expensive and time consuming.

With Diamond Resin Products Faux Beams, you can choose a custom color, and personally install it quickly and easily without having to shell out more of your hard-earned money. The beams are also maintenance-free, so once you install it, you can relax and enjoy the new look of your home!