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Do you want to improve your home aesthetics?

If so, installing faux wood beams is a great idea. Choosing this adds a rustic charm to your abode. It also increases the value of your house, but can you tackle this project?

Installing faux wood beams is a DIY project you can do over the weekend. However, it is easy to mess up when you do not know where to start.

Fortunately, our guide can help. Read on for some faux wood beam installation tips to ensure your success.

Preparing Faux Wood Beams

Where are you planning to install your faux wood beams? Measure the space, decide the number of beams you want, and buy the necessary materials. It is the hardest step since you have a lot of faux wood beam options.

Make sure to buy ahead of your project. You want to let the faux wood beams sit in your place, allowing it to acclimate. Like natural wood, it shrinks or swells depending on the weather.

Measure the inside of your beams. Take a piece of wood and cut it to the proper length. It must fit inside the hollowed end of the beams, serving as the anchor.

Measuring and Marking

The measurement taken above is also useful for marking your ceiling. Use painter’s tape or chalk to mark the location for your beams.

Use a stud finder to find where to place the anchor and mark it properly, as well. If you don’t have one, you can learn how to do it manually.

During the faux wood beam installation process, always measure twice and cut once. Doing so will save you from a lot of headaches later.

Installing Faux Wood Beams

Next, mount the anchor by screwing them into the ceiling. Install one after every 3 to 6 feet. Use a level to ensure they are straight and fit the allotted space.

Take more measurements and cut your beam to size. Once done, put them in place to see whether it fits on the space and over the anchors.

When you’re ready for the faux wood beam installation, apply construction adhesives on the top edges of the beam and each side of the anchor. Make sure it’s pressing firmly into the ceiling. Use screws to fasten the beam onto the anchor.

Finishing and Cleaning Up

You now finished installing your faux wood beams. However, you have one more step: tidying up. Start by cleaning any excess adhesives on the sides of the beams.

Consider applying caulk to where the beam meets the wall. It allows a smoother transition and a cleaner look. Use colored wood filler to fill up the screw holes.

Find Help in Installing Faux Wood Beams

Installing faux wood beams requires a helper, especially when installing long ones. Find help and learn as much as you can for a smoother installation.

Faux wood beams are a lot of work, but the result is worth it in the end. If you need help, contact us today.