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Have you ever thought about spicing your home up with a faux wood beam? In this article, we’re going to be talking about color options. Faux wood beams come in plenty of natural colors, and you can also paint them. But we’ll get into that later.

If you want to install a faux wood beam into your home, you’ll need to know which color options suit your home.

Adding a faux wood beam improves your home and adds style. Keep reading to find out more about the color options of faux wood beams.

Color Options

Faux wood beams come in a wide variety of colors. They come in natural wood colors, like red and various shades of brown, but you can also add a touch of paint to them.

Say the furniture inside your living room is purple. Adding interior faux wood beams may help add variety to the room’s architecture… but what about the color? That’s where painting the beam comes into play.

You don’t have to stick with the same wood-like shades of brown. What’s stopping you from painting your faux wood beams purple or black?

Faux Wood Planks

Putting faux wood planks on your bedroom ceiling is a great idea. Make sure it matches your bedroom’s decor and style.

For example, if you have barn-styled furniture, use an old barn cut. This way your faux wood planks match your bedroom furniture and nothing looks out of place.

A great color option for faux wood planks is gray. Since gray is a neutral color, it goes with almost anything. If you have light-colored wicker, gray matches it with ease.

Finished Faux Wood Beams

For a more compete-look, add a finish to your faux wood beams. With finished faux wood beams, your home will look brand new. Finished faux wood beams look great in any room.

Most homeowners install finished faux wood beams to their ceilings. It’ll be the first place people’s eyes wander when they enter the room. If you add the right color stain, they will look even better.

You can buy wood stainers in a few different colors including gray, white, and black. They also come in more unconventional colors like navy.

Exterior Faux Wood Beams

If you’re installing exterior faux wood beams, think about your porch. If you install a few faux wood beams onto your porch, people will notice your work.

It’s best to put a faux wood beam out in the open where people will notice them. So, if you want guests to notice your handy work, what better place than the front porch?

A Faux Wood Beam: What You Need to Know

Adding interior faux wood beams is a great way to give your home a historic charm. You can add them onto the outside, too, to add a country vibe to your home’s exterior.

Faux wood beams come in many different colors. Some of the color options include gray, black, and red. You can also color-match your furniture by adding a little paint to your faux wood beam.

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