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When you’re designing your home, sometimes it’s best to start from the top and work your way down. If you’re wanting to enhance your home’s interior, you can update your ceilings to change the feeling of the space without affecting its functionality.

But many ceiling treatments are expensive. Whether you’re designing on a budget or simply enjoy being thrifty, faux wood planks are a cost-effective design option that makes a big impact without hurting your bank account.

Ready to change up your interiors with an elegant accent? Read on to learn how faux wood planks can create an eye-catching and welcoming effect in your home.

Warm Up Your Interiors

Wood and wood-mimicking materials are firm favorites in the interior design world because of their ability to warm up a dull interior. Wood brings the outdoors inside, making cold spaces feel organic and full of life.

Whether you’re working in a dark bathroom with no windows, a bland all-white kitchen, or an awkwardly-shaped and unwelcoming bedroom, wooden accents add an inviting warmth to the interior.  Faux wood planks are a great option if your interiors need some warming up. With tones that perfectly mimic natural wood, you can transform each room and make your home feel welcoming.

Add Depth to High Ceilings

High ceilings make your home feel spacious and bright. Without the right ceiling accessories and accents, you run the risk of the room feeling empty and lifeless.

Adding wood planks to your ceiling adds depth to the entire room. It takes an empty, cavernous space and gives it a textural structure. Faux wood planks give you that breath-taking effect without breaking your bank account. You can choose wood tones to match each room’s decor or plank wood flooring.

Make your high ceilings the depth-filled statement they deserve to be with ceiling wood planking.

Act as an Architectural Feature

If your home feels like it lacks drama, you probably need a focal point. A focal point is the first thing that catches your eye as you walk into a room. It can be a sculpture, a statement furniture piece, artwork, or an architectural feature.

When you use an architectural feature on the ceiling as your focal point, you draw the eye upward and make the room feel larger than life. Faux wood planks are gorgeous and sculptural. They complete every room, without taking up valuable floor space the way a sculpture does.

Upgrade Your Home With Gorgeous Faux Wood Planks

Elegant and warm, faux wood planks add depth and drama to your home. They are architectural features that catch your eye and take your breath away. If you’re ready to completely transform your home without breaking the bank, faux ceiling wood planks are the ceiling treatment for you.

Diamond Resin Products offers top-of-the-line faux wood planks that will make your home feel elegant and inviting. Get in touch with us to make your ceiling dreams come true!