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You’ve been working hard and saving for that awesome new outdoor patio to extend your living space. You’re finally ready to buy the wood, but you get to the big home improvement store, and, ouch, your money isn’t going to buy as much wood as you thought.

The price of plywood and lumbar is almost four times higher than it was before the Covid-19 pandemic! What can you do?

Have you thought about faux wood trusses, beams, and planks? Read our guide for more information about faux wood ceiling trusses and faux wood for your next big project.

Faux Wood: What Is It?

Faux wood beam trusses are engineered wood made from a combination of materials. These materials include many layers of thin wood fused together with an adhesive. The resulting faux lumber is durable and able to withstand high pressure without warping.

The faux wood industry is also more eco-conscious over the last few years. They’re using salvaged lumber, making old wood suitable for new projects. Using faux wood means cutting down fewer trees which is a huge win for the environment.

The faux wood in faux wood trusses resists climate changes, including big swings between heat and cold. It’s also resistant to deterioration over time because of sealants placed over the exterior.

Are Faux Wood Trusses Cost-Effective?

Although the process to make faux wood is labor-intensive, the cost of faux wood trusses is less than real wood. That’s especially true if you’re looking for distressed-looking, aged wood, which is often quite costly.

Real wood beams offer a distinctive, rustic look for your home’s interior or patio ceiling. With faux wood, you get the same look for a fraction of the price.

Other Benefits of Faux Wood Trusses

A solid wood beam is heavy, so it takes several experienced professionals to install one. Faux wood ceiling trusses and beams are much lighter. It’s possible for two people to install one faux wood beam.

There are so many uses for faux wood. Use a faux wood floor truss or ceiling truss, or use faux wood for a mantel or coffered ceiling design. They’re as versatile as they are strong, which is another reason they’re so cost-effective.

Faux wood trusses and beams are also resistant to termites and other pests, including hornets and woodworms. A termite infestation is costly if you have real wood on your deck, patio, or trusses. It also makes faux wood especially attractive for outdoor use, such as for a patio or deck.

Do you have some electrical wires or pipes you want to be covered with wood? Faux wood beams are hollow, making them ideal for hiding existing eyesores.

The Benefits and Beauty of Faux Wood

Are faux wood trusses cost-effective? As you can see, faux wood trusses and beams are less expensive than real wood. They’re also versatile, durable, and look great!

Are you ready to use faux wood in your next home project? Contact us now for more information and answers to your questions!