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It’s a sweltering summer day in Florida, so how do you keep the sun and heat out of the home?

Wood blinds are a stylish and effective solution, but should you go with faux wood or real wood?

In this guide, we compare faux wood and real wood blinds so you can decide for yourself.

The Advantages of Real Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds have a sophisticated look that many homeowners love. They’re classic and high-quality, with a timeless appeal.

Wooden blinds pair well with wooden furniture, adding beautiful earthy tones to the home.

Wood is also a natural insulator. It’s not the best material for walls since it doesn’t have a high R-value, but it makes a good insulator for window blinds.

Wooden blinds help to block UV rays, and they also help to reduce solar heat gain.

The Advantages of Faux Wood Blinds

You might be surprised to learn that faux wood blinds offer just as many benefits as real wood ones, plus a few more.

These days, faux wood blinds have a wood-like appearance. It’s often hard to tell the difference between the two.

Faux wood blinds are made from polymer materials. This makes them more durable and capable of holding up to moisture—unlike real blinds, which can warp.

The rich textures of faux wood blinds create an elegant window treatment at a fraction of the cost of real wood.

PVC blinds hold up better in high-humidity environments. As we know, that can be a real issue here in Florida (even though Louisiana and South Carolina win the title for most-humid US states!)

Faux wooden blinds are low-maintenance, durable, and moisture-resistant. They won’t fade or warp in humid conditions.

It’s easy to clean faux wooden blinds, as they simply need occasional dusting. For tough stains, they can be washed or rinsed down.

Which Is Better?

We recommend installing faux wood blinds or plantation shutters simply because they hold up better in humid environments and are easy to maintain. The harsh sun won’t cause them to fade, and they won’t warp. You’ll have faux wood blinds for years, and no one will be able to tell the difference!

You can install faux wood blinds in any room, even in kitchens, laundry rooms, or bathrooms. These are rooms where wood would do poorly, warping, swelling, or rotting.

For the outside of your windows, you can’t go wrong with a faux wood shutter. They add extra charm to your home without warping or rotting like traditional wood shutters.

The Perfect Window Treatment

If you’re looking for a window treatment for your Florida home, you can’t go wrong with faux wood blinds. They have all the character of wood blinds, but they’re much easier to maintain. You also don’t have to worry about protecting them from moisture.

To learn about our faux wood products, send us a message. We have a variety of faux wood products that mimic the look of real wood, with benefits such as increased durability, low maintenance, and much more.