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They’re cheaper. They give you more light control. They provide privacy.

There are many reasons why you’d choose blinds over curtains. But you don’t have just any blinds in mind — you want a set of plantation shutters, the ones that close like a door and easily slide closed.

As you explore your options, you may come across an interesting alternative to traditional wood blinds: faux wood plantation shutters. Why might you choose this material over the regular one? Here are the benefits of selecting faux wood shutters.

Installation is a Breeze

Real wood is heavy. Imagine trying to hang panels of real wood across over every window in your home — it’s a tough task.

However, faux wood plantation shutters are made from an engineered material that’s lightweight. That means you can easily lift and mount them, should you handle the installation yourself. You won’t have to strain yourself holding the blinds in place until you have their brackets secured.

In fact, the process is so much easier that many homeowners choose to install their plantation shutters themselves. That’s all down to the fact they’re made of lightweight faux wood, of course.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters are More Durable

Natural wood looks beautiful, but it isn’t as durable as you might think. For one thing, it’s not waterproof. So, even a bit of water exposure could cause your blinds to warp, crack, fade or rot.

The sun is also an enemy of natural wood. It can cause the color of your blinds to fade. And too much exposure to light can dry out wood, too, causing unsightly cracks that make your home’s interior look unpolished.

On top of that, wood shutters undergo a series of treatments to make them resilient against the elements for as long as possible. Eventually, though, these chemicals and compounds break down, leaving your wood blinds susceptible to damage. The same can’t be said for faux wood, which is manufactured to last a lifetime and look great forever, too.

Specifically, faux wood is built to resist warping. Plus, they’re waterproof, meaning a spill or a bit of window condensation won’t ruin them for good. And, unlike natural wood, your faux wood plantation shutters won’t fade in the sunlight, either.

Faux Wood Shutters Arrive Quickly

We’ve touched on how easy it is to install faux wood shutters. But we haven’t mentioned that they are much easier to cut and customize than traditional wood slats. Rather than waiting weeks or months for your plantation shutters to arrive, you could have yours in mere days.

Of course, that will depend on the manufacturer you choose to provide faux wood plantation shutters near me. However, chances are that their process is much faster than those making wood blinds.

The Choice is Clear

With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why you should choose faux wood plantation shutters over their natural wood counterparts. They’re easier to order and install, and they withstand the elements for far longer. Plus, they look just as good as regular wood — you wouldn’t know the difference if you didn’t choose them yourself.

Click here to contact us today. The choice is yours, and we think you should choose faux wood shutters for your next house or property build.