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Are you dying to have exposed ceiling wood beams in your home but don’t know where to start?

Wood beams started as a necessary structural element in homes, but in recent years, they have become interior design statement pieces. They add a rustic and natural tone to any room that makes the whole space more interesting.

If you want to add a wood beam but don’t actually need the structural support, there are amazing faux wood beam textures to choose from. We’re going to break down our favorites in this guide so you can get started on your next project today.

The Best Faux Wood Beam Textures

You can still get the look of reclaimed natural wood in your home without hoisting up an actual oversized wood beam. Faux wood beams are beautiful, easier to install, and cost-effective.

Plus, they look so natural that no one would even realize they are faux. Here are some of our favorite faux textures:

Italian Farmhouse

This texture is perfect for the rustic Italian-inspired kitchen of your dreams. It comes in multiple faux beam finishes, but to match the Italian style, the walnut color is our favorite look.

This texture is made to look like the real thing with natural curves and bends in the wood. You will feel like you’re in Tuscany when you get these beams installed.


If you want to add smooth faux wood beams that make a striking statement, choose the cypress texture.

The cypress faux wood beam is an elegant choice that complements any large family room or dining room. It features straighter edges and precise lines, which makes it lovely for formal settings.

If you have light-colored walls and ceilings, add contrast with dark cypress beams. Espresso and mahogany are our favorite faux beam finishes for this look.

Pecky Cypress

For a less uniform look, the pecky cypress texture adds texture and dimension to your faux wood beams. This is a universal choice that looks great in any room. Choose the driftwood color to bring the beach indoors and create an airy and open environment.

Hand Hewn

If you are after the reclaimed and rugged look, the hand hewn texture is perfect for you. The rough faux wood beams bring the outdoors inside.

This texture is perfect for any space that you want to feel intimate and cozy. It’s also perfect for a sunroom or porch where you want to feel surrounded by nature.

Pecan is a great color choice if you want it to look just like real wood; however, weathered grey also offers an antique look that will trick your guests into thinking the beams have been there for decades.

Check Out Faux Beams From Diamond Resin Products

If you’re ready to install ceiling beams in your home, Diamond Resin Products has all the faux wood beam textures and colors you need to match your style. All of our products are manufactured in the United States by local artists, so you can trust that they are crafted with care and quality in mind.

Contact us today so we can help you with your project.