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So you have an aesthetic vision for your home. But whether you’re customizing a new home or redesigning your current one, carrying out your vision can get confusing.

Your home has many features that you can manipulate to your advantage. But besides the usual, basic redesign checklist, how else can you affect room style?

That’s where faux wood beams come in. Wood beam incorporation is a key way to not only define a room’s design but also structure the room too.

Keep reading to understand how faux wood beams can help your mission to innovate your room’s design.

Schemed Ceilings

Ceiling beams aren’t a new idea. But wooden ceiling beams do more than accent your room decor. When strategically placed, they can also scheme out your ceiling, heavily impacting the structure of your room.

This can be just functional. They’re a great way to separate your dining room from your living room if you’d like to section off open space. It’s why open-concept homes love using ceiling beams.

But they can also transform the design of your room. Japanese-inspired ceiling designs, for example, use ceiling beams for coffered ceilings. Coffered ceilings lend a simple but noble look to a room’s space.

You can also use both arched and straight beams for a more traditional, gothic-inspired look. Your home will look regal and striking, all thanks to strategically placed wood beams.

Outdoor Patio

Faux wood beams are also great when used for outdoor patios. For a patio, you won’t need a bunch of planks. Since the best patios take advantage of open space, faux wood beams will look striking while supporting this structure.

Again, you can incorporate many design styles into a wood beam-based patio. Faux wood beams emulating dark cherry will add stylish warmth. Lattice patio ceilings will make your patio look cozy, making room for both shade and sunlight.

Door Design

Speaking of doors, you can also make a statement right off the bat by customizing your door designs. Wood planks can be fit together in many versatile ways, so take advantage of faux wood planks’ versatility.

Looking for a cozier entrance? Many wood planks are great for this design. Vertically laid wooden planks, with one horizontally laid plank one foot from below and above the door, should do the trick.

What about a more contemporary look? With the right wood plank, you can create a simple design that’s effective for modern homes. Laying some steel across this door will also lend a cool, industrial look.

Elevate Room Style with a Few Faux Wood Beams!

Incorporating beams into your room style can mean more than just sticking a few along your ceiling. Using beams the right way can not only add more color and texture but can also transform the way your space is lived in.

Head over to Diamond Resin Products if you’re interested in these aesthetic benefits! We also specialize in tongue and groove planking, making your project much easier to complete. If that sounds good to you, contact us today!