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Those that want the aesthetic of wood with added benefits choose faux wood. Why is that?

That’s because faux wood looks just like real wood. Even better, it lasts much longer, better withstands harsh weather, and is easier to maintain than real wood.

Tongue and groove planks take it a step further, sealing planks even more for seamless visuality and additional protection. All this, plus the usual versatility of wood designs.

So keep reading for five T&G faux wood designs that you can incorporate into your home. If you’re looking for a domestic redesign, then this guide’s got you covered.

1. Wood Plank Ceiling

Using a natural wood plank ceiling could immediately elevate your space’s aesthetic. Not only does it look charming, but it’s also a versatile addition to any room.

If you’re going to choose one room to incorporate this feature into, pick your living room. It’ll bring cozy, welcoming warmth to your home while adding interesting texture. A wood plank ceiling will please both you and visitors for the years you’ll spend in your home.

2. Ceiling Beams

Faux wood beams can add dimension to your ceiling, or they can simply accent your space. They’re able to perform a number of versatile aesthetic functions depending on how you strategize their placement.

As always, there are plenty of ceiling beam designs. Distressed textures can add a rustic cottage look while beams with raised grain textures express subtle but dramatic accents.

3. Black Polished Wood Floor

Plank designs aren’t only good for rustic, woodsy designs. You can customize color and polish to alter your planks for any aesthetic concept.

A black polished wood floor will look sleek and modern, perfect for any contemporary home. This modern feature will update and freshen your home without looking clinical.

If you’d like to incorporate this through DIY methods, pre-primed tongue & groove planks will make the process much easier and faster. The gloss will also protect your planks and is easy to reapply when needed.

4. Multi-Colored Wood Floor

The benefit of using planks instead of materials like concrete slabs or stone is that they’re both customizable and lightweight. Even better, since real wood comes in different finishes and colors, you can group different ones for an eclectic floor design without sacrificing naturality.

By using two or three differently-shaded planks, you’ll create a great-looking, visually fascinating floor. All this, without the added bulk of multiple heavyweight materials.

5. Outdoor Structures

Faux wood beats real wood when it comes to withstanding harsh weather. Real wood is naturally porous and rots when continually exposed to humidity and rain. Of course, you can always add extra layers of protection, but faux wood eliminates the usual hassle.

Sheds, outdoor seating, tables, etc can all benefit from faux wood. They’ll experience a longer lifespan while still enjoying the same woodsy look. Tongue & groove wood planks take it a step further by strengthening your constructions far better than shiplap planks.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Wood Designs With Faux Wood?

If you love wood designs, then you’ll want the extra benefits of faux wood. They’re just as enchanting and versatile as real wood but are tougher, more durable, and easier to maintain.

At Diamond Resin Products, we believe in the magic of T&G faux wood planks. We hope that our guide inspired you to incorporate them into your home design!

Contact us today to talk about your home. Let us be a part of your redesign mission.