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Did you know that the global wooden ceiling market will be $167.73 million by 2028? The market will grow by a 3.22% CAGR due to the increased demand for wood-based ceilings.

Ceilings wood beams provide not only structural support but also decorative purposes. You can use the beams to decorate your space’s interior and exterior walls.

If you are a fan of exposed wood beams, you should consider installing them. Adding wood beams to your ceiling can elevate your space by giving it a chic yet natural feel.

If you want to know more about ceiling wood beams, read on.


Rustic wood ceiling beams are architectural marvels that started in the early 1800. Throughout Europe and the Middle East, people used beams to construct cottages, sanctuaries, and castles.

Between the 1950 and 1980s, architects used wooden beams to reduce heating. Advancements in technology led to the mass production of ceiling wood beams.

Types of Ceiling Wood Beams

Ceiling beams hide plumping and electrical wiring parts of your home. Depending on your decor style and budget, you can choose the following designs.

Faux Wood Beams

These are made from molded high-density polyurethane. Faux wood beams are for foyers, entry points, and large rooms.

Faux Wood Trusses

These are lightweight and easy to install. Faux wood trusses are suitable for two-story buildings or any open floor plan with a vaulted ceiling.

Wood Planks

Combined with trusses and brackets, they create a rustic and natural feel to your space. Wood planks are for rooms with low ceilings.

Ceiling Brackets

These are mounted between the wall and ceiling. Ceiling brackets come along in large rooms and walkways.

Available Styles

Wood beams are available in different colors, grains, and textures. The wood beams can display artistic details through unique cuts, shapes, and patterns.

Depending on your preference, the beams can be horizontal, vertical, or arched. You can match the beams’ paint with that of the furniture and floors to give it an authentic feel.

Additionally, you can customize your ceiling beams with a 3D artist. The beams are then painted or stained to create the desired illusion.

Installation Process

A ceiling wood beam can be either decorative or for structural purposes. You can install the decorative beams through simple DIY steps. Structural beams, however, are best left out for pros.

Hiring skilled professionals ensures that the installation process is timely and smooth. Ensure the carpenters are highly skilled for the work.

It’s important to consider the weight load of your ceiling before buying the beam. You can consult with your carpenter for the best advice.

Ceiling Wood Beams

Are you tired of your plain and boring ceiling? Perhaps, you should consider adding wooden beams to the ceiling. These wooden beams create striking statements that boost your home appeal.

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