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Did you know that home renovations can cost almost $50,000 on average? Yikes. You might be considering a home remodel, but there are plenty of simple, cost-friendly ways that give your home a modern yet timeless appearance.

A faux wooden beam helps change the entire appearance of a room. It can also cover up ceiling defects, piping, or provide structural support.

If you are in need of wood beam ideas, then don’t stop here – keep reading on and learn more about how wood ceiling beams can change your house.

Faux Wooden Beam Benefits

If you are wondering about the ultimate faux wooden beam guide, then you have found it. Faux wood is a great option for any household. It uses dense polyurethane materials that give the appearance of real wood.

However, faux wooden beam benefits include lower prices and easier installation when compared to regular wood. It is also much lighter and less prone to attracting bugs or other unwanted pests. Better yet – it still gives the exact same appearance.

Wood Beam Ideas

If you are in need of faux wooden beam tips to redesign your household, then here are a few design suggestions:

  • Farmhouse style
  • Doorways
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom

Many people limit themselves to adding ceiling beams in living rooms, entryways, or common areas. Three areas that are gaining popularity are adding a ceiling beam in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

If you have vaulted ceilings in a bedroom or kitchen, then a faux wooden beam can be a perfect complement to the space. Farmhouse style and doorway designs are also gaining popularity.

While farmhouse-style rooms have been around for decades, simply adding rustic-looking beams can give the room a different glow. You can also look at adding beams above doorways or recreating doorway arches.

Not all wood beams recreate a rustic appearance. When you are deciding on a wood beam, you have the option of choosing the texture, color, style, and length. This gives you the ultimate tools in creating the exact design you are looking for.

Modern Designs

Are you still not sure what faux wood beam ideas you are searching for?

A qualified and professional installer can help you out with pictures, ideas, and options that fit your home. If you want something slightly different than single wooden beams, then consider faux tongue and groove ceiling planks.

These ceiling planks are designed slightly differently than regular beams and are used in the creation of beautiful ceiling designs through faux woodwork. Faux tongue and groove ceiling planks also have the option of covering broader areas and don’t hang down as low as regular ceiling beams.

These planks can give your home a new, modern design that will last for years to come.

Redesign Your Ceilings

Your ceiling plays a large part in how your room looks and feels. Wood beam ideas can give you simple solutions for improving the aesthetics of your house.

Additionally, ceiling planks and beams can disguise parts of your ceiling that you don’t like or even hide plumping. If you want to take the next step and work towards redesigning your home, then contact us today.