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There’s been a 58% increase in requests for home renovation projects in June 2020 compared to June 2019. 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed so many different aspects of our lives. A lot of us are now working from home or doing distance learning from home. A lot of people have also decided to take on home renovation projects.

Maybe these are projects that you’ve always wanted to work on, but never found the time to do so. 

Have you been wanting to renovate your home? Are you considering a new home design? How about renovating your home with faux wood planks?

Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of composite planks.

What Is Composite Wood?

Wondering what the difference is between wood versus composite wood? Composite wood is made partially from wood and from other materials. 

Composite wood is usually made with several layers that are adhered together.

You can choose to have composite wood planks that have a tongue-and-groove system. This system allows the planks to interlock with each other which makes installation an easier process. 

There are even different groove styles. You can choose a V-Groove style which has a v-shape style between planks after they’re connected. There is also a nickel gap style which refers to the nickel-sized spacing between planks when they’re connected. 

Benefits of Faux Wood

Wondering whether you should go with hardwood or composite wood for your next home renovation project? Maybe you love the look of hardwood.

However, have you considered the benefits of faux wood compare to hardwood? Hardwood may have that all-natural look, but it also comes with a lot of maintenance. Here are some of the benefits of composite wood.

Low Maintenance

With wood planks, you have to maintain the look of the wood by sanding, power-washing, staining, or sealing. If you don’t maintain the wood, it may end up fading to grey. 

Maybe you prefer a material that is easier to maintain. Composite wood is a low maintenance option. Usually, you can clean composite wood with just soap and water. 


Are you considering updating your outdoor deck? There are a few options you can use for the material.

There is traditional wood flooring. However, traditional wood is more susceptible to natural elements.

Traditional wood can rot, crack, or warp. It can also attract termites. Another thing to consider with wood is splinters. 

On the other hand, composite wood is a more durable option. Composite planks are less susceptible to the natural elements and are weather resistant. 

Faux wood does not rot or warp like traditional wood. It is also splinter-free, which is a safer option if you have young children that love to run outside on the deck. 

Different Colors Available

Composite wood planks come in a range of colors. Maybe you prefer the look of traditional hardwood. You can choose a color that resembles hardwood planks.

Or, maybe you want to choose a unique color that stands out. You have the option to choose a bold color. 


Although composite wood planks can have a high upfront cost, they can last a long time. 

For example, maybe you decided to update your deck and you’re considering composite or wood. Untreated wood lasts about 10-30 years. On the other hand, treated wood or composite materials can last up to 50 years

What’s more, composite materials need less maintenance, so you’ll be spending less of your time cleaning or treating your deck. Instead, you can spend your time at your bbq pit enjoying bbq with your family or swimming in your pool.  

How You Can Use Composite Wood for Your Home Design Projects

Considering a home renovation? Here are some ways you can use composite wood for your projects. 


Considering exterior home renovations? The average return at resale rate for exterior renovations is 95.5%

Maybe you’ve always wanted to update your decking. When it comes to outdoor decking, you can install composite wood planks. With composite planks, you don’t need to worry about maintenance or issues associated with natural wood planks. 

Patio Furniture

Have leftover composite planks? You can put them to use by building patio furniture with them. 

For example, you can make outdoor benches or seating with composite wood. This way, the outdoor seating is resistant to damage such as splinters or rot. 

Tips for Choosing Composite Wood Materials

Interested in using composite wood planks for your next home design projects? Here are some tips to get started.

Choose Quality Materials

When shopping for materials, you don’t want to automatically get what you find at the lowest price. You want to make sure you choose quality materials that won’t look cheap or get damaged easily.

See a Sample

Don’t just choose a color or material based on a picture or video. To choose materials, you should look at samples. It helps to have samples that you can see and touch. 

After all, you’re probably spending a lot on your home project or renovation. You don’t want to rush the decision of choosing materials. You want to choose materials that you love and that you’ll enjoy looking at. 

Find a Trusted Seller for Your Home Design Project Materials

Our final tip for finding quality composite wood materials for your next home design project is to find a trusted seller. At Diamond Resin Products, we design and manufacture all of our products. We can also create custom parts for your design needs.

Want to learn more about our products? Contact us to learn more about our composite wood planks and other products.