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Are you tired of carpet or tile in your home? Do you want to give it a new look? Wood planks might be the answer for you! Don’t be fooled, wood planks come in many brands and styles.

Learn more about how to choose the best quality wood planks for your home.

About Faux Wood

If you have never heard of these wood planks before they are made from polyurethane foam, but they give you the same look and feel as regular wood floors.

Faux wood can be purchased as planks, which are used for flooring and ceilings. Faux wood beams are also available for purchase and can be added to your home’s ceiling to give it a raised beam texture.

There are two different kinds of gap types. This is the space between two pieces of wood and how they connect together. The first gap is known as the V-Groove this is the closest the two pieces can get together. When looking at the pieces you will see it makes a “V shape.”

If you like a little space between your two pieces you can choose to go with a Nickle Gap. This means there is going to be some space between the planks. This typically refers to be being “a Nickle width apart” you can choose in fact how close or far apart the planks will be.

Benefits of Faux Wood Planks

One of the main benefits of tongue and groove wood planks is their ability to withstand moisture. This allows for the wood to expand and contract as needed.

Faux wood planks do not scratch as easily as normal hardwood. Since they are made out of a pliable material, they can stand up to scratches.

These wood planks can also stand up against fading, environmental factors, and they’re affordable.

Quality Tongue and Groove

You only want the best material to go inside of your home, but do you know where to shop? Heading to your local lumber yard can save you a lot of time and money. A common misconception can be to head to your local hardware store. These stores don’t have the knowledge as a lumber yard does.

Tongue and Groove (T&G) wood planks can vary in quality, shape, and color. Be sure to gather some samples before you make your final purchase. This allows you to take those pieces home and put them in the exact space that will be filled.

Faux wood can come in different quality ratings such as good, better, and best. By having this conversation with your salesperson, it is going to ensure you are getting exactly what you’re looking for.

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If you’re feeling indifferent about your home, you should definitely spend some more time learning about faux wood planks for your floor or ceiling. This can change the feeling of any space and could be just what you’re looking for.

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