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To be safe, balconies should hold 50 to 100 pounds per square foot. If they don’t, they’re in danger of collapsing. Such a disaster can cause severe to fatal injuries.

This necessity limits the choices you have for balcony design. What do you do if you can’t have or don’t want columns, but brackets and chains are too ugly? In such a situation, you may want to consider corbels.

Read on if you’re interested in learning more about this architectural feature. This article will focus mostly on wood corbels. However, much of this information can apply to most types.

Differences Between Corbels and Brackets

You may have heard the terms corbels and brackets used interchangeably. To use the two words this way isn’t entirely incorrect. However, there are some differences in the exact definitions of either term.

Corbels, such as wooden corbels, tend to be thicker in dimension than brackets. Many corbels are as high as they are wide. Brackets, in contrast, are usually taller than they are wide.

Another difference is that corbels are often more decorative and ornate than brackets. One downside to this is that corbels may be weaker than brackets. This can make it difficult for them to serve one of their two purposes.

The Purposes and Usages of Corbels

Corbels have the dual purpose of being both decorative and weight-bearing. How well these corbels serve either purpose varies from corbel to corbel. Some are more ornate and/or stronger than others.

All of them, however, can be useful. In many situations, it is unnecessary for a corbel to be gorgeous and/or sturdy. It is up to a builder and/or designer to choose the right corbels, wood, metal, and/or otherwise, for each situation.

Under balconies is one place where one can find corbels. They are also found beneath counters on kitchen islands and above fireplaces. Free-floating shelves also often sit above a few corbels.

How to Choose the Right Corbels

You can find the best corbels for your interior design and/or building structures in many places. While exploring any urban environment, look up! You should find a variety of corbels used on walls or underneath balconies.

Are the ones in modern cities not beautiful enough for you? Consider visiting cities made with architectural styles that are like your dream home/building’s style. If you can’t afford that, look at some photos!

Do you need interior corbels? You can still find these in hotels, restaurants, and many other public buildings. All that it takes is to know what you want and where they’re often used.

Source the Best Faux Wood Corbels From the Experts

Remember also that you don’t have to search for corbels on your own. There are many experts in the fields of construction and interior design. If you find them and ask questions, you may get some very knowledgeable and useful answers from them.

You can consider us to be these experts. We offer a vast variety of faux small to large wood corbels for sale. Not only will these enhance your home’s beauty, but they also do not have the same weaknesses as wood.

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