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While supply chain issues still hamper contractors and retailers across the nation, homeowners gamely continue their efforts at home improvement. For some, it’s a practical decision driven by a choice to continue working remotely and the need for things like a home office. For others, it’s about repairing something broken or upgrading their homes.

Once you’ve worked through the most popular renovations, though, what’s left? Look up. There’s is your ceiling in all its flat, bland glory.

While some homeowners view that space as a place for light fixtures, others see it as prime real estate for faux wooden beams. Not sure why you’d want them? Keep reading for a quick breakdown of the faux wooden beam benefits.


One of the first things you learn in a faux wooden beam guide is that they are substantially lighter than an actual wooden beam. For one, they’re hollow. That cuts way down on the weight.

Many faux wooden beams are also made from resins with further reduces the weight.

Easy Install

The substantial weight reduction also comes with the benefit of making installation a much, much easier task. A true wooden beam can weigh hundreds of pounds, which means you need a full-on team of people for installation.

With a faux wooden beam, you can often install the beam with only two or even a single person doing the work.


The hollow nature of the faux wooden beam also provides you with a convenient place to run wiring that isn’t inside a wall or over your ceiling. That can simplify installing lighting and other fixtures.

Visual Appeal

Of all the flat surfaces in a home, the ceiling is inevitably the least interesting in terms of visual appeal. You can’t hang artwork from it, at least not in a practical way. Historic attempts to liven up the ceiling, such as textured and popcorn ceilings, have fallen out of fashion.

A faux wooden beam helps give your ceiling some color and texture, as well as breaking the flat lines of your average ceiling.


One of the key benefits of faux wooden beams is that you can customize them for your own needs. You can visit a faux wooden beam store online and select color, texture, size, and length. That lets you match the beam to the existing wood in your home for a seamless fit.

Faux Wooden Beams and Your Home

When it comes to your home, there aren’t a lot of ways that you can improve your ceilings. You can paint them and install a fixture or two, but that’s about the full range of options for most people. Faux wooden beams provide you with another option.

Not only can they add some visual appeal to your home’s ceiling, but they’re also practical. Their light weight makes them easy to install. Plus, the hollow center makes an excellent place to run some wiring.

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