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Did you know the average American spends around $1500 on each home improvement project? People love to upgrade their homes, and many prefer to do renovations themselves. But did you know that there is one affordable, stylish way to easily upgrade your home or curb appeal quickly?

That is through v-groove planks, which are easy to install wood panels for interiors or exteriors. Read on as we give our must-know guide on v-groove plank installation.

Choosing the Wood

The first step is to choose the v-groove faux wood planks that match the design of your property. There are a number of wood finishes, from pine to oak. As well as the texture, you can also choose the color.

Light cedar and pine finishes will give a more rustic, country feel to the home. Hardwoods and dark colors with less texture will add a more modern, elegant aesthetic.

Once you have these, work out how much you will need. Measure the wall and ceiling in width and length. Multiply the height and length together to get the square footage area.

When you visit us, all you need is this information. You will have to decide on the width of the planks you want, and we can work out how much you need.

Preparing the V-Groove Planks

Now you must prepare the area by removing any previous trim that exists on the wall. Once removed, use a stud finder and locate the joists and wall studs, then mark their location.

After this, you need to decide how you will install it. The easiest way is to install them perpendicular to the joists, hammering straight into the joists themselves. If you want to install parallel to the joists, you will need extra purchase in the form of furring strips.

When you are adding a finish to your v-groove plank paneling, then do it before installation. Most people opt for paneling that is already finished.

Installing the Panelling

When you begin installing, make sure to leave a gap of half an inch on either side for expansion. Place the groove closest to the wall and nail your first row into the joint or furring strip. The groove in your next board should slide easily into the tongue if you manage to keep your nails flush.

If your wall is longer than your planks, you will need to cut them to size beforehand. Make sure they are fully affixed, leveling them with a spirit level as you go.

Install the next row by placing the grooved side into the tongue of the first row. Carry on putting them in place, checking they are level, and leaving an expansion gap. When you reach the end, space will probably be narrower than the width of a plank so you may need to cut your planks to the correct size once more.

Talk to an Expert

While v-groove planks are really easy to install, everyone needs assistance once in a while. Discuss your project with an expert and let them talk you through the process, or hire them to do it for you.

Your first stop for v-groove planks should be Diamond Resin Products. We are the premier suppliers of planks and beams in the Fort Lauderdale area. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and let us help with your next renovation.