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When decorating your home and ensuring that you having a space that feels liveable and conducive to wellbeing, being able to put together the right color palettes is essential. There have been countless studies confirming the effects of color psychology and home decor on health and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, professional designers will always put together a cohesive and aesthetically-focused color palette before beginning any home decor project. One of the most popular and enduring palettes for the home is the wood color palette.

This is a natural color palette that takes the most essential of building materials – wood – and applies its rich and varied tones in a way that inspires harmony, depth, and homeliness. If you wish to make your house feel truly like a home, read on to find out the benefits of using a wood color palette.

1. Bring Nature Into Your Home

One of the most obvious benefits of using wood color palettes in interior design is the strong associations of wood with nature. At a time where we are spending more time at home than ever before, it is crucial that you can bring a sense of the great outdoors into your home. With the rich and earthy tones of wood color palettes, you can bring the forest into your home and create a sense of airiness and ruggedness into your living space.

2. A Versatile and Enduring Color Palette

Another reason why wooden tones rank among the most popular interior design colors is because of just how versatile they are. Wood colors such as oak, cedar, and mahogany pair with virtually any color scheme.

Darker wood colors are ideal to match with rich colors such as royal blue and accented gold. Lighter, white wooden colors are perfect for those pursuing a minimalist or Nordic aesthetic and pair well with soft greens and greys. A wood color palette offers unlimited options.

3. Perfect for the Artisanal Home Designer

If you are opting for more artisanal home decor, such as the “grandmillenial” or country shaker styles that have become all the rage in the past year, then wood color palettes are the best way to achieve this. Perhaps you are a fan of overstuffed country couches, or soft wooden shaker cabinets, or artisanal breakfast tables.

Perhaps you are a DIY home designer who likes to create furniture from scratch. If so, a wooden color palette will give you are home that is ready-made for your artisanal creations and purchases.

4. Wood and Color Psychology

Finally, it is worth emphasizing the powerful effects of the wood color palette when it comes to color psychology. The main wood colors have a number of proven associations and are able to evoke strong feelings in the viewer.

Wood colors typically evoke feelings of peace and calm, while also making living spaces feel larger than they actually are. In addition, certain darker wood colors evoke strong feelings of luxury, tradition, and good taste. All of these are essential when it comes to quality home design.

A Professional Wood Color Palette in Your Home Today

If you are ready to apply a gorgeous wood color palette to your home today, we have got you covered. At Diamond Resin Products, we have been installing high-quality artisanal faux wooden beams, furnishings, and home fixtures for years. To find out how we can transform your living space, do not hesitate to get in touch today.