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You relax in your living room with a glass of red wine in one hand and remote control in the other. And you feel as though all is right with the world. That’s because your living room is your favorite retreat space.

You’re not alone. Research shows that most people tend to spend their time either in the kitchen or wherever the TV is – including in the living room.

So, what if you’re looking for a way to improve your room’s decor this summer? Now couldn’t be a better time to install wood beams in the living room.

Here’s a rundown on why faux wood beams in the living room can be a great addition to your family’s gathering space.

Let’s get started!


One of the top reasons to install faux wood beams in your living room is that these beams are inarguably beautiful.

Solid wood can certainly be attractive, but it is also very heavy. This makes it hard to secure to your house. In fact, if you are not using the beam for structural purposes, you may need to reinforce parts of your walls to accommodate it.

Faux wood beams are a game-changer in this regard.

Beams made from faux wood are significantly lighter when compared with solid wood beams, which makes installing them easier. At the same time, they still resemble real wood. This means you can enhance your living room’s interior with a wooden look without the hassle of using real wood.

Consistency in Appearance

Yet another reason to choose faux wood beams for your living room is that they offer consistency appearance-wise.

Because real wood is natural, there will always be some level of variation between pieces of wood. For instance, beams may differ in terms of their overall appearance, grain, color, and size. In fact, you might see all of these types of differences in a single piece.

If you are seeking a more uniform look for your living room, faux wood beams are the perfect solution. With these products, you can achieve the professional look you want with ease.

Hiding Your Ceiling Flaws

Wood beams also stand out for their ability to hide flaws in your ceiling.

Let’s say that your house is older and you want to add wood beams to the ceiling. Faux wood is not solid. As a result, you can more easily adapt faux wood to ceiling issues, like sagging or bowing.

In this way, you can disguise these ceiling problems and, in turn, revitalize the area.

How We Can Help with Adding Wood Beams in the Living Room

If you’re interested in having wood beams in the living room, we can help at Diamond Resin Products. We are excited to offer high-quality tongue-and-groove and faux wood planks.

Our wood beams come in a wide range of colors and textures to suit your personal preference and your home’s decor. We also offer these beams in multiple lengths and sizes to suit your space.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how our wood beams can add beauty to your living space for years to come.