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Do you look at your kitchen and feel discontent?

Especially since the pandemic hit, it can be easy to grow tired of your home and want something new. But rather than investing in an entirely new home, why not revamp your current one?

Installing wood beams in your kitchen can be just the thing you need. Not convinced?

Read on to find out if wood beams are right for you!

What Are Wood Beams?

Sometimes, going for a completely wood kitchen can be costly and involve hard installation. Faux wood beams in your kitchen are a great addition for a fraction of the price.

Wood beams can give your kitchen the wooden country look you want, without all the hard labor and expense.

Real Wood vs. Faux Wood Beams

Real wood beams may offer structural support and a natural design, but they will require more maintenance. They are more prone to wood-eating critters. Real wood can also be very difficult to install properly.

Although they aren’t natural, faux wood beams look authentic and will require little to no maintenance. They won’t attract bugs and are a great addition to liven up the space in your kitchen.

Faux wood beams won’t give additional structural support. If you are adding faux wood beams to your kitchen for the look though, you wouldn’t need extra support.

Faux wood beams give the appearance of real authentic wood without all the hassle. We offer tongue and groove faux wood that offers easy installation and low maintenance.

There are many ways you can utilize these beams to boost your interior design.

How Can You Use Wood Beams in Your Kitchen?

Most people like to use wood beams in their kitchen to add a high-ceiling effect. Attaching them to your ceiling gives a fresh country aesthetic and makes it appear like you have more room.

If your ceiling isn’t high, or you have a small space, you can still add wood beams anyway. You don’t need to have a high ceiling to utilize them. Adding wood beams in a small kitchen can give the illusion of more space.

If you’re not a fan of high ceilings, but you still want to add some wood to your design, there are other options as well.

You can make the doorway to your kitchen wood-framed. This will create a beautiful and majestic entrance into your modernized kitchen.

For an added touch, you can even add wood beams to your counter island or as accent pieces around the kitchen.

Should You Install Wood Beams in Your Kitchen?

The decision is ultimately up to you. But, if you think your home needs a fresh look or a more rustic edge, then you should consider adding fake wood beams in your kitchen.

Home renovations can be pricey, but money shouldn’t impact your dream home. By choosing wood beams, you can choose an easy home renovation at a low cost.

What Now?

Have you decided that faux wood beams in your kitchen would be perfect? If so, we have the perfect collection for you to choose from!

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your dream home!