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For a long time, ceilings have been a forgotten element in interior design. They’ve been left blank, bare, and boring for far too long. but the trends are changing!

One of the most popular design trends is treating your ceiling like any other surface in the room and adding some interest to it. This can be done in a variety of ways like painting it to match the walls (or a contrasting color) or adding intricate moldings. But the most impactful choice is adding a wooden ceiling detail.

Adding a faux wooden ceiling can feel like a dramatic choice that would be hard to pull off. But it’s actually a great choice for most rooms and we’ll show you the main reasons why!

Brings Character

In today’s world of quick builds and manufactured homes, a lot of rooms are missing that character element that makes them feel special. Most designers are always looking for ways to increase interest in a space and evoke some emotion.

While adding details like ceiling wood planks is becoming more popular, it still feels like a unique choice that sets your home apart from the rest. There’s more movement and feeling when the ceiling is involved in the design plan. No aspect of the room is left alone, which makes it feel more complete.

Customizable Options

Not every room can handle every type of accent available, it’s important to consider the space and how it functions instead of just what is on-trend.

Luckily, there are so many wooden ceiling ideas that you are sure to find something that will work.

Even within the same type of detail, you can completely customize the final look. Consider how many varieties of tongue and groove wood planks there are to choose from. You can choose the width of the planks or change the color depending on the rest of the design plan.

Covers Imperfections

Wooden ceilings are good for more than just a new design element. They can also be the best way to cover up imperfections on your ceiling that don’t match the aesthetic of your space.

Things like tiled or popcorn ceilings can date a room faster than almost any other design choice. Quickly update the space by covering those things up and starting with a clean slate. You can even cover up wires for lighting or sound systems to make a more seamless installation.

Adding a Faux Wooden Ceiling to Your Home

Designing a room can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to figure out that one element that will push it to the next level and make it stand out (but still flow with the rest of your home!).

A faux wooden ceiling is often just the thing to do that. Your room will instantly feel more unique and charming, no matter what other decisions have been made. And the best part is, that it works with all different styles and decor ideas just by tweaking a few things.

If you’re interested in seeing what type of wood detailing could work for your space, contact us today!