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Exposed wood beams in the ceiling offer an eye-catching aesthetic appeal commonly found in timber-frame construction. Despite their beautiful looks, their original purpose was purely functional, supporting other floors and the roof. Take a look at historic homes and cottages and you’ll find exposed beams were very popular.

Today, you’ll find more contemporary homes have a mix of drop ceilings concealing the beams and homes continuing the exposed beam tradition. Does your home currently not have any exposed wooden beams? Fortunately, you don’t need a new home or a custom-built one to enjoy exposed beams.

Faux wood beams are growing in popularity as a cost-efficient way to add that exposed beam look to your home. Faux beams closely resemble the look of structural wood beams and come in a wide range of customizable shapes, sizes, and colors.

Are you thinking of adding faux wood beams to your home? Here’s why should choose faux wood beams to add character and charm to your home today.

Faux Wood Beams Versus Real Wood

How are faux wood beams different from real exposed beams? The most prominent difference between the two is that faux beams don’t bear any weight. They simply attach to your ceiling and work as decorative pieces.

Real beams, however, are an integral part of a building’s structure. They’re holding the weight of the roof and any floors above.

You can find faux wood beams in a variety of textures, styles, and materials. Some options consist of high-density polyurethane resin designed to look and feel like wood.

There are companies that offer real wood but this is can be a hazard as it’s much heavier than the resin. Others may use styrofoam, however, this material is not as long-lasting or durable as resin.

Each faux beam material has its pros and cons. Both typically have hollowed centers making them lighter. Adding real solid wood beams to your ceilings adds significant weight which can cause installation and structural problems.

Faux Wood Beams are Versatile

Faux wood beams are they are incredibly versatile, customizable, and useful.

The main purpose of traditional exposed beams is to structural support. Engineers and builders will design them specifically to bear the weight of a house, not for decorative purposes. You can’t customize the pattern of these beams.

With faux wood beams, you have endless patterns and designs to explore. This gives you the opportunity to transform your home in a way that matches your decor and style. Try horizontal patterns, crisscrossed beams, or something completely original.

Faux wood beams also come in 4-sided options reinforced with aluminum for additional strength. These 4-sided beams allow you to create a variety of custom-style trusses. You can hang the beams from your ceiling or use them in any way that exposes all 4 sides.

The higher your ceilings, the more pattern options you’ll have with the wood beams. You can use larger, wider beams and have more flexibility with the patterns you choose.

Those with lower ceilings can still enjoy the benefits of wood beams. In most cases, you’ll have a limited selection of styles and designs to choose from as you have limited space between your floor and ceiling. Check local building codes before adding faux beams as some places require a specific headroom between the floor and the ceiling.

Choose Custom Finishes and Designs

Functional exposed beams limit you to whatever material they’re already made from. This could be steel, wood, or other strong weight-bearing material.

Faux wood beams, however, give you options. You can choose anything from the color to the texture.

Have a room with dark wood accents? Check out the selection of dark faux wood beams available.

Common colors readily available include unfinished wood, driftwood, mahogany, walnut, pecan, espresso, and weathered grey. You can mix and match these colors with almost any available texture.

Want a vintage hand-hewn texture for the finish? You can enjoy just that along with several other finishes including Cypress and Italian Farmhouse finishes. Mix and match colors and finishes to find the perfect combination to match your preferred style.

Wood Beams Offer Functionality

Do you think the primary purpose of faux wood beams is for aesthetics? While this is mostly true, faux beams can offer some functionality.

The 3-side beam options allow you to hide or cover wires, HVAC, lighting, and more in the beam. You can add recessed lighting, hide existing beams, and cover smaller HVAC ducts.

Faux wood beams can cover structural issues such as cracks or warped ceilings. You should, however, check with an engineer to ensure the structural integrity of your home if you’re experiencing cracks or warped ceilings.

Faux wood can also cover outdated ceilings. Tired of looking at your aging popcorn ceiling? Add faux wood beams to cover it and transform your home.

Easy Installation with Wood Beams

Installation and labor is a major part of any renovation project that you shouldn’t overlook. The more challenging your renovations are to install, the higher cost.

A major advantage of faux wood beams is the ease of installation. Most people can make adding faux wood beams a DIY project. If you’re not comfortable or don’t have the experience to install the wood beams yourself, most contractors will be able to assist you.

Faux Wood Works Both Indoors and Outdoors

You don’t need to feel limited to only your home’s interior to enjoy the look and feel of wood beams. Resin-based faux wood beams work well both indoors and outdoors.

Faux wood beams don’t absorb moisture making them suitable for outdoor use. The elements, including snow, sun, and ice also don’t affect most resin-based beams.

Many people love their faux wood beams because they are easy to maintain. The most maintenance you’ll have to do is remove dust or dirt that settles on them over time. A simple dust remover, water, and soft soap will clean the beams with ease.

Enjoy Faux Exposed Wood Beams Today

Do you love the look and feel exposed wood beams offer? You can enjoy this look by adding faux wood beams to your home. The wide range of options and versatility available make it easy for you to style your beams exactly how you like.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get in touch and we can help you with any questions you have about our products!