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You may hear ‘wood beams’ and think of a quaint old inn or farmhouse. Yet you can still install them in your home and achieve a unique ceiling design.

Even Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Jane Fonda have wood beams in their homes. They add warmth and character to a room.

Besides, tongue and groove faux wood beams are a great choice if your home doesn’t already have beams.

Looking for modern ceiling designs involving beams? Read on for some classy ceiling ideas!

Use Ceiling Beams for Impact

Ceilings don’t have to be flat. Adding beams is a great way to break up an expanse of space.

This can help to make the room feel more intimate and cozy. It also helps to ‘divide’ the room space in a subtle way.

A simple yet modern idea is to use ceiling beams the same color as the floorboards. This creates a unified color palette in the space for a clean design aesthetic.

Wood beams provide a contrast with a sleek modern finish for a great balance between old and new design styles.

Beams Make Great Dividers

Glass ceilings are a great option to bring more light into a room. This makes them seem larger and opens them up.

Tongue and groove faux wood makes a great contrast for the beams between panels. Light-colored beams will help reflect the light for a minimal look. Darker beams bring a touch of glamor to your ceiling design.

This is also a great way to achieve an industrial look in kitchens. Pair darker beams with stainless steel furniture for a dystopian feel.

Get the Cottagecore Look

Cottagecore has become a very popular movement. It harks back to older days of traditional skills and agricultural scenes. Think floral decor and vintage fashion.

While it emerged in 2017, TikTok made it popular in 2019.

The cottagecore style also influences architecture, particularly interior decor. Wood beams bring a touch of olde worlde charm to a ceiling design.

You don’t have to redo your whole house. Choose one room as your cottagecore haven and install beams to create a cozy nook. Pair them with wooden furniture and floral patterns for a rustic look.

Create a Geometric Grid

Ceiling beams are a fantastic choice if you want a truly stunning design. This option is a great way to turn a large, empty ceiling into a design feature.

Install beams in a geometric pattern for maximum impact. You might choose something simple like large triangles. Or how about something more ornate like stars?

Tongue and groove planks offer a lightweight way to enjoy beams. You can explore more modern grids in different colors or finishes.

Enjoy These Modern Ceiling Designs

Beams are a great way to try out modern ceiling designs. Using them in creative ways means you can turn your ceiling into another ‘wall’. Make the most of the available space and wow guests with your decor.

Keen to use tongue and groove planks for your ceiling beams? Contact us today and we can help you out.