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Faux wood beams are an easy way to update your property. You can add a sense of warmth that will make your home stand out in the neighborhood. You’ll also gain a durable accent that will look good in any weather conditions.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn how you can use faux beams outside!

Add Window Headers for the Perfect Accents

Do your windows look plain and boring? A simple way to add a modern farmhouse vibe is with outdoor window headers. These smaller pieces of faux wood sit directly above your windows.

Window headers add a punch of natural charm without looking heavy. You can frame the entire window, but a simple header should be enough to draw attention to each window. Choose a deeper wood tone, like mahogany, to create contrast against the color of your home’s paint.

Install Salvaged-wood Ceiling Beams on Your Front Porch

Custom beams will add a cozy effect to your front porch’s ceiling. If you have beams running across the ceiling of your house’s main indoor living space, why not continue them outside? You’ll create a sense of consistency and warmth.

Pair the beams with a porch swing and some greenery. You may even wish to frame the front door in wood, too. Customize the beams with a stain and style to build a rustic or refined ambiance!

Introduce Faux Wood Beams to Your Home’s Exterior

Does your home’s facade look a little flat? An easy way to create dimension and detail is by adding a few faux wood features. Add some custom trim in a driftwood tone to make a white house pop. The soft contrast will help define your home’s best features.

Place decorative brackets under a roofline for instant curb appeal. In a hand-hewn style, these brackets will make your home look sturdy and inviting.

Faux wood gables are another way to introduce a decorative accent to your home’s exterior. Channel the Tudor style with decorative trusses that draw attention to a commanding roofline.

Line Your Front Porch with Rustic Faux Wood Posts

Nothing looks more gracious than columns lining a front porch. When you go with faux wood posts, you can bring your home into the current century. You’ll create a space that feels like a vacation cabin — and is just as durable.

Swap out traditional painted columns for walnut or cypress columns. An angular shape adds a modern feel, but the wooden style will help your home look more connected to its surroundings. Faux wood posts will provide a natural transition to plantings and mulch in your front beds.

Faux Wood Accents Upgrade Your Home

When you want to warm up your home, faux wood beams can provide a lot of character. Whether you choose a rich walnut finish or a contemporary gray tone, you’ll love adding faux wood accents to your home. Dress up your windows, add some gables, or finish your front porch.

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