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Did you know that lumber costs in the United States have risen 250% in the past year?

Summer projects for the home are adding up and people are looking for the best costs and ways to save.

If you want lumber at a good price and want to have a plan for it, there are ideas that you should consider. Continue reading to discover some of the best ideas and ways to utilize faux wood beams in your home!

Create Unique Wall Decor

One of the best ways to utilize faux wood beams is by putting them on the walls to create a unique design.

Our faux wood beams come in various designs and colors that will go perfectly into any room. Many people are using faux wood beams to create an accent wall. This helps break up a neutral wall color and can add another dimension to a simple room.

You can also create mountains, trees, or a TeePee out of the wood for a nursery or bedroom!

Framed Doorways

Another way to utilize faux wood beams is by creating a frame around the doorways in your home.

Framed doorways make a bold statement and will impress guests before they even approach the door. Dark and white shades of faux wood tend to look good in most homes and can give more of a farmhouse or luxurious feel. Don’t be afraid to get thick door frames, unless the wall that the door is on is small.

Smaller rooms with big doors can benefit from thinner cuts of wood by helping make the space look larger.

Exposed Ceiling Beams

The country-chic and old-world lovers will want to consider getting exposed ceiling beams in their homes.

Exposed ceiling beams made of wood can create a rustic look while still keeping everything looking nice and clean. People enjoy putting up ceiling beams when they want to bring attention to the construction of the room and all of its components.

What was once a structural component, holding up roofs and flooring, has become a new trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere!

Split the Wall

If you enjoy the victorian looks of a home with high ceilings and split walls with wood boards, faux wood beams can help.

By installing faux wood beams in the bottom half of the wall with molding on the top, you can dramatically change the look of your home. This adds a beautiful look that will catch the attention of guests and leave them in amazement.

Many people recommend adding wood to the bottom half of your walls in bathrooms, dining rooms, and libraries.

Enhance Home With Faux Wood Beams

There are many ways to enhance a home with faux wood beams.

By utilizing this guide, you can turn a dream vision into reality. Faux wood beams are perfect for adding structural components and drawing attention to ceilings and door frames.

Don’t be afraid to consider all of the various colors that the wood beams come in. With neutral paint on the walls, you can create a unique look for your home.

Be sure to contact us today about your lumber yard needs and how to incorporate faux wood planks in your home!