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Popcorn ceilings were once in style, but today, they can make a home look a little outdated. Fortunately, it’s easy to do a renovation on the ceilings of a home using tongue and groove planks.

This represents a great opportunity for you to take advantage of as a home builder. To update a client’s home to look modern for an affordable price, the answer is in tongue and groove faux wood beams.

They provide a timeless, trendy look that homeowners will love.

Are you wondering how to install them while using the popcorn ceiling as a base? Let’s look into the best way to do it.

Prepping For Planks

The good news about applying tongue & groove wood planks to popcorn ceilings is that there is not much prep work needed. You’ll need to have the proper supplies on hand, but it’s simple to get started.

A few items that you’ll want to have on hand are:

  • Nail gun
  • Ladder
  • Liquid nails
  • Saw
  • Stud finder

To prep for the planks, you should first search for the ceiling joists. Knowing where they are will help you understand how to install the planks.

You want to be sure that the pre-primed tongue & groove planks run the opposite way of the joists. This is so that they can be nailed and secured to them.

The Installation Process

Once you’re ready to install, there are important steps to take. Remember to always test out on a small area to be sure that the process is working for you.

First, you’ll need to get your liquid nails and apply it to the side of the board that will touch the ceiling. This is to secure the plank better as liquid nails will be helpful when sticking it to popcorn ceilings.

Next, put the plank up to the ceiling so that you can apply it to the ceiling joists. Nail it into the joists to hold it there, then grab your next plank.

Then, place the tongue of the next plank into the groove of the last one and repeat the process.

Finishing Up

Your client may want a different finish or look for their T&G faux wood planks to match their home. The great news is that we offer many different styles here at Diamond Resin Products for them to choose from.

This also means that there’s one less step for you to do to get the job done.

We have two different groove styles which are nickel gap and V-groove. Each style has its own distinct look. The width of the planks also comes in three different sizes, making it easy to find the best size for their taste.

Our textures include hand-hewn, select cypress, and pecky cypress so that you can best match the style of their home.

Lastly, we have six different color choices. No matter what they are looking for, we can offer it for an extremely affordable price.

Tongue and Groove Planks Make A Stunning Renovation

If you’re a home builder, providing your client with the best solutions for their home that fit their budget is important. Tongue and groove planks make renovations simple and affordable for homeowners.

Are you looking to give your clients a new update to their outdated popcorn ceilings? Look at our tongue and groove faux wood plank solutions!