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Are you looking for ways to change up your home decor? Are you looking to add some life to your place?

You could buy lots of throw pillows and paint the walls for your home decor.

Or, you could make your space work for you with functional wood accents!

Wondering how to get started? Read below to find ways to revamp your home with wood interior design.

Why Wood Accents?

Wood accents elevate your space to natural luxe, making your home cozier. But, cozier doesn’t have to mean dated. This style brings the outdoors in for a chic vibe.

Instead of campy, go for pieces that make you feel relaxed, tapping into nature’s restorative aspects. By having these elements around, you and your guests will instantly feel more at home.

How to Incorporate Wood Accents

The best way to add wood designs into your home is to go with subtle choices. Following interior design principles to make the space flow will help you get started.

Faux Wood Beams

This may sound a bit unconventional, but these beams are great for homes with high ceilings. Or use them to elevate a venue space.

Some designs are reminiscent of farm homes, which evokes subconscious feelings of nostalgia, romance, and family.

If you’re looking for a more modern look, try adding beams to the sides of your walls. To take the look a step further, choose a dark color that works with your space.

Wood Clocks

Faux wood clocks have been on the market for a while but are just now becoming a hot item in homes. From analog clocks to digital, from funky to functional, there are many options to suit your needs.

Opt for a softwood digital clock in your bedroom to get you up and going in the morning. Then, in your bathroom, pick a dark hardwood so you can make sure you’re on time!

Accent Wall

If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, go for a wood accent wall. This will wow your guests every time they walk through the door. It will also boost your space, giving you a sense of modern elegance and sophistication.

Many wood designs have a smooth floor-to-ceiling finish, as well as options that add spice to your space.

One of the hottest options is to have the beams going vertically to make you feel like you’re walking through a zen forest. This will also make your space look a bit taller if you’re in a smaller home.

If you’d like a more non-traditional look, go for uneven or overlapping horizontal beams. This dynamic looks modern without even trying.

Ready to Grab Your Wood Accents?

From simple to sophisticated, there is more than one way to incorporate wood accents into your home. Embrace the natural luxe your home offers once you’ve installed wood beams or a wood accent wall.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today to talk about your dream design.