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Are you considering putting up ceiling plank in your home? Want the timeless, rustic look of wood without the fuss? Confused about what ceiling plank boards you should use?

Don’t worry!

We’ll walk you through the process. There are a few things you should consider when picking your new plank ceiling boards, so make sure you keep reading below to learn more.

What Is Faux Tongue & Groove Ceiling Plank?

These ceiling planks are easy to work with and come in a variety of finishes. Each plank can be cut to the length you require for your project. This type of faux wood will not crack or absorb moisture, making them ideal for your living room ceiling.

The plank easily snaps together. There are two options for groove.

The first is a ‘v-shaped groove,’ which means the planks come together in what looks like a v-shape. There is also a ‘nickel groove’ that is straight and allows for a bit of a gap between the planking.

These prefinished faux wood ceiling planks also cost much less than traditional wood products. Finding the best option for your DIY project is easy and affordable!

What Else Is in the Room?

When picking your prefinished faux wood ceiling planks, you should look at the other finishes you already have in the room. If you already have pine or oak accents, you’ll want to pick a ceiling plank that is the same look.

This type of matching will make the room seem larger.

What’s on the Ceiling?

Before you start installing, you’ll want to determine what is on your ceiling now. You may need to remove the material prior. If you attach the ceiling plank board directly to the joists, you instantly get another 12in of height!

What Width Should My Ceiling Planks Be?

Take a look at what the other paneling is like in your living room. If the rest of the room has wide boards, you should consider installing wide plank ceiling boards.

If there is no other paneling in the room, pick a narrow width that will allow for a larger frequency of ceiling plank. You want your ceiling to look aesthetically pleasing and authentic.

Other Options to Consider

To make your ceiling even more rustic, you can also consider adding faux wood beams. These can add value to your home and look fantastic! This type of beam can add charm and style to any room they’re in.

This type of faux wood beam is not expensive either! Your dream living space is not out of reach.

Are You Ready to Tackle Your Next Project?

Adding ceiling plank to your living room can change the look of your home drastically. These types of wood finishes look great anywhere!

Have any additional questions about whether prefinished faux wood ceiling plank is right for your project? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to walk you through the next steps of your project and all of the products we have available for your next home project.