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Did you know that in the year 2020, Americans spent over $400 billion on home improvements and renovations?

In a year when many people were hesitant to bring strangers into their homes, many of these projects were completed as DIYs. While some of these people had renovation experience going into the year, many decided to try their hand at fixing up their homes for the first time.

If you’re one of these people, you may have found a new love for home renovation. Knowing how to cut crown molding is one of the foundational skills for home renovation projects of all kinds.

If you don’t yet know how to cut crown molding, don’t worry. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about cutting crown molding.

Know the Different Kinds of Cuts

Depending on how you plan to lay your crown molding, there are four types of cuts that you’ll need to know how to make: square cuts, scarf joints, outside corners, and inside corners.

Square cuts are used for the edges of crown molding when the crown molding will lay flush against the wall on both ends. They’re also used if you’re planning to put a decorative piece of crown molding in the corners of your room rather than having the crown molding pieces connect with each other at an angle.

Scarf joints are used to connect two pieces of crown molding along a flat edge. For example, if you are putting up crown molding in a long room, you might need more than one piece of crown molding to cover the full length of one wall.

Things like a bay window or a built-in fireplace may cause your walls to have extra angles and corners. Outside corners are used when a part of your wall either juts into or juts out of the rest of the room.

Inside corners are used for the four corners of the room. If you aren’t using decorative corner pieces, you’ll need to know how to make inside corner cuts on your crown molding.

Practice the Cuts Before Using Your Crown Molding

Use scrap wood to practice making cuts with your miter saw before you actually start any crown molding cutting.

Plan out exactly which cuts you’ll need to make for your project. If you’re cutting any inside or outside corners, know which angles you’ll need to make the cuts at. There are many crown molding cutting guides online to help you determine the angle of your cuts depending on the spring angle of the crown molding you’ve purchased.

Trust Yourself

Cutting crown molding seems intimidating, but it’s not as hard as you may think. Once you’ve planned out your projects and practiced the cuts you’ll need to make, go for it! You have all the tools you need to successfully cut your crown molding.

Use Your Knowledge of How to Cut Crown Molding

Now you know how to cut crown molding. Use these crown molding cutting tips to take your next home improvement project to the next level!

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