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A faux wood beam is a light polyurethane beam that can be an integral part of your property’s structure. It can provide support to the roof and upper floor systems. This is essential to maintaining the stability of the structure in general.

Besides, these beams enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. They play a major role in accentuating the lightning and architectural details of a room. However, you only enjoy these benefits if you select the right beam; this can be challenging especially for novices.

Are you in the market looking for the right beam for your ceiling, but you aren’t sure of how to go about it? Don’t worry. This wood beam guide will assist you.

Start With the Texture of the Wood Beam

The texture of faux wood beams varies and it influences the overall feel and appearance of the beam. You have the option of going for the rustic design that will give you a natural feel. Or perhaps you could select the more polished and sophisticated varieties if elegance is your style.

Faux wood beams can be either lightly or heavily distressed. These factors also have an impact on the final look of the beam. Be sure to pay attention to them while considering your preferred texture.

The Color Options

You have many color options at your disposal when choosing wood beams. Different shades of these colors, ranging from darker to lighter ones, are available for faux wood beams if you opt for a natural look. Other tones of stain such as greys and reds, are available if you want something different.


Installing a faux wood beam on your ceiling will make a significant impact, even if it is on its own. But there are accessories you could add to spruce up the look a little bit. For instance, you could install the beam together with decorative brackets that come in different colors, finishes, and materials.

It’s possible to add straps and beam plates to your beam too. Beam plates and straps are good for faux beams because they make the beams look more authentic. If you love the rustic or industrial style of a wood beam, straps and beams are worthy considerations.

The Installation Requirements

Installing faux wood beams isn’t that difficult. But, before you decide to do it on your own, you have to weigh all the factors. First, what type of faux beam are you dealing with?

It’s easier to install the lighter-weight beams by yourself. Heavier ones could be more intimidating to deal with as they require some expertise. Work with a professional who understands your style and design requirements for the best results.

Order Your Wood Beam Today

A faux wood beam improves the beauty and stability of your home. But it can only do this if you select the one that is proper for your home. Knowing your needs in advance will make it easier to choose a beam that will meet your expectations.

Use the above wood beam tips to increase your chances of getting what’s right for you. Get in touch with Diamond Resin Products for your faux wood beam today.