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The pandemic brought about changes in many industries, but one area that hasn’t been letting up is home renovations. Typical home renovation projects saw a 40% increase in 2020 compared to the year prior.

Faux wood ceiling beams are a game-changer when it comes to remodeling your home. They are aesthetically pleasing and tend to be much cheaper than real wood. If you want the ultimate faux wood ceiling beams guide, then keep reading on.

Faux Wood Ceiling Beams

Faux wood beams use materials that are made to look like real wood. Companies will typically use polyurethane foam, or similar materials, in achieving the appearance of wood without the negative aspects.

For instance, a faux wood ceiling beam is much lighter and easier to install than real wood. These ceiling beams can still add support, visual appeal, or cover up any flaws that other beam materials offer. Faux beams can also cover exposed piping by choosing options with a hollow interior.

Faux Wood Beam Types

There are a few considerations to keep in mind before purchasing your faux wood beams. First, make sure that you have enough ceiling height if opting for exposed beams.

It may be helpful in looking up your local laws in determining how low your ceiling can be. In most cases, you should aim for at least 7’6″. Next, look at where you want ceiling beams installed.

If they are not supporting or covering up any structures, faux beams can run horizontally or even on sloped ceilings.

Finally, you can decide on the type of faux wood that you want in your home. Some common examples of faux wood types include aged or contemporary. Under these two categories, you have a plethora of options such as select cyprus, hand-hewn, and Italian farmhouse.

In conjunction with the style you want, you also have the choice of texture and color. If you are unsure of the style you are looking for, many professional installers can provide you with pictures and ideas for your home.

Tongue and Groove Ceiling Planks

When you are considering the type, color, and material of ceiling beam you want, make sure you idealize how you want your beams to look. For example, if you don’t want single or individual ceiling beams, then tongue and groove ceiling planks might be worth checking into.

These are flatter pieces of faux wood that look like planks and fit together in a groove-like system. By piecing together different wood planks, your ceiling can quickly turn into a beautiful masterpiece.

Along with standard ceiling beams, you have the option of choosing the color and texture that you are looking for.

Your New House

Whether you are buying a new house, or simply want to take part in the remodeling frenzy, faux wood ceiling beams look great in any home. These ceiling beams are aesthetically pleasing and can cover up those pesky spots on your ceiling that you hate.

Rather than typing into Google: faux wood ceiling beams near me, contact us today, and let one of our professional team members help you create a beautiful new home.