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The housing market boom means both new and old homes are going for record prices. Old homes often need an update, and even newer homes seem to come with both functional and stylistic issues.

How can you fix it?

Tongue and groove faux wood planks are a great way to remedy outdated looks. We’ll cover what they are, what you can do with them, and where and how to buy them.

Let’s dive in.

What Are Tongue and Groove Faux Wood Planks?

Tongue and groove faux wood planks are vinyl planks with the appearance of traditional wood planks. These faux wood planks are incredibly popular presently, due to their great, natural look and beautiful design.

And let’s talk vinyl for a moment. Popular for musical purists and for those redesigning a space, it is highly water-resistant, lower in cost than hardwood (especially now), and is durable.

A big contributor to its popularity is the ‘tongue and groove’ design. Even those new to home projects can use these interlocking pieces to make a surface look great.

With a little force, these planks slide together like puzzle pieces, clicking perfectly into place and ensuring a tight fit wherever you place them.

Applications for T&G Faux Wood Planks?

Tongue and groove faux wood planks work great for floors, ceilings, and wall paneling. They come in a variety of different colors, textures, and styles meaning that the design options are near limitless.

For example, you can use wood-looking planks for floors to give your home a natural or rustic feel.

A more modern approach is to use painted planks on walls or ceilings for a richer, more distinct texture. Consider using these as a half-wall, sort of in a shiplap style, but with a far easier interlocking installation process.

Get creative with it. These planks can be cut and customized near limitlessly, meaning that if there’s an idea you have, you can purchase and install them all on your own.

This leads us to the question:

Where Can I Buy Custom T&G Faux Wood Planks?

When it comes to faux wood planks you want to make sure you’re getting perfect style and maximum quality for a great price.

Diamond Resin Products in Fort Meyers, Florida is the place to get custom tongue and groove wood planks. With a bevy of styles and options, such as nickel gap to v-grooves and differing plank-widths, anything you want, we can do.

That includes different colors and textures, too.

These planks are manufactured in the US, sold by the foot, and shipped in 10ft sections.

Need something sized differently? No problem. They can be cut to size to meet your specific need.

If you order online, you can make these requests before you buy. Or if you’re local we can help you out in-store.

Buy Tongue and Groove Faux Wood Planks

What’s more to say? Tongue and groove faux wood planks offer immeasurable quality for extraordinary value. With several different styles and cuts, these planks can turn your space into a spot you’ll never want to leave.

So start your project off on the right foot with the best faux wood planks out there. Order Diamond Resin Products custom faux wood planks today.