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Our New Hot Tub room is finally DONE!!!!

It’s finally done and we couldn’t be any happier with the results. Thank you for being an awesome sales contact and information man for us. The ceiling was potentially the most problematic part of the whole job because of the custom order and the physical distance between us and Diamond Resin Products, the Covid delays, shipping dangers, etc. If just one thing wasn’t right it could’ve held things up big time. But you guys got it all absolutely right. And I am very happy that I calculated the order just right and the whole thing was just perfect. Even the packing job, or I should say ESPECIALLY the packing job, was above and beyond expectation. The ceiling was one of the most expensive parts of the project, but you guys made it well worth the money with your high quality materials, craftsmanship and caliber of service. I hope you like the pictures!

All the best!

Gary & Cheryl Rensch