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With the pandemic pushing everyone to spend more time at home, it is no surprise that home improvements and renovations have been on the rise.

Traditional wood is a critical component in renovations, construction, and design. But using traditional wood results in costly projects and often needs to be replaced, making it a less costly and environmentally efficient solution.

Faux tongue and groove wood planks have been growing in popularity to solve the gaps left by traditional wood.

As a contractor, you may be curious about using faux tongue and grove for your projects to achieve a beautiful wood look, for less. Check out this quick guide to learn about the benefits of faux tongue and grove over traditional wood and how to make your next project faster, cheaper, and more sustainable.

The Advantages Of Faux Tongue & Groove

Faux tongue and grove offer all of the advantages of traditional wood as well as some added benefits including:

More Sustainable

Faux tongue and groove wood planks are an environmentally friendly alternative because they require fewer trees and therefore reduce deforestation. As well, it is a circular material as it can usually be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

Lasts Longer

Unlike real wood which is often vulnerable to pests, signs of aging and rotting, faux tongue and groove wood planks last forever. Its longevity and resistance to moisture damage make it extremely sturdy and therefore reliable for ceilings and perfect for flooring.

More Cost-Efficient

Faux tongue and grove are more affordable as it does not require lumber and the expensive processes involved in their harvesting. As well, since it lasts much longer than traditional wood it does not have to be replaced as often. Its durability offer cost savings to last a lifetime.

Less Variable

Traditional wood needs to be stained and colored, which not only makes it a more costly and time-consuming material to use but also more variable. You cannot guarantee the shade of stained wood. Faux tongue and groove wood planks offer customization and guarantee on both design and color which makes it the best choice

How To Install Faux Tongue & Groove

Not only is faux tongue and grove a superior choice of material than wood, but its installation process is also a lower lift. Rather than using nails, faux tongue and grove rely only on adhesive making installation easy.

Since the faux tongue and groove wood planks are manufactured en masse, they are designed and cut precisely making them uniform. Unlike wood which will warp if they capture moisture and have uneven edges, faux tongue and groove wood planks will fit together perfectly.

Begin Building Your Dream Home Today

Tongue and groove wood planks are the cheaper, more durable custom solution for your next home renovation or construction project.

Are you looking for top-quality tongue and groove wood planks? Contact us to learn more about our diverse stock of colors and designs and get building today.