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Does your home or office need a makeover? Have you considered using premium-quality faux wood planks? Jump off that couch and start your renovation.

You can add beams, columns, corbels, and stylish planks. As you keep reading, you will learn about the benefits of choosing faux wood. You will also find tips to help with your project.

What Are Premium-Quality Faux Wood Planks?

Manufacturers make impressions of natural wood planks. This creates a mold capturing the ridges, uneven edges, and whorls of real wood. Polyurethane foam is used in these molds to create faux wood planks.

Faux wood planks look like real wood without the problems inherent to natural wood. The polyurethane makes an almost impervious plank that’s unaffected by humidity or temperature.

Each plank is expertly painted to look like genuine woods. This includes knots, cracks, and grain color. The planks blend together unlike real wood which can have distracting color differences.

Tongue and groove (T&G) faux wood planks make installing ceilings an easy task. The boards are cut to have a tongue side and a groove side along the sides.

The tongue side has a center part that extends out. On the opposite side, a groove is cut that matches the tongue size. You slide the tongue into the groove and interlock the 2 pieces into a solid piece.

Reclaimed-Style Faux Wood Planks

You can choose faux reclaimed wood planks, faux rustic wood planks, or faux barn wood planks. These planks have the texture and appearance of rescued wood. You’ll see nicks, nail holes, and vintage wood grains.

They’re crafted by making impressions from salvaged wood. You get the look without the disadvantages of real reclaimed wood.

Why Choose T&G Faux Wood Planks?

Real wood, by its nature, absorbs and loses water. This creates problems with swelling and contracting. Swelling causes warping or raised edges while shrinkage causes gaps between the boards.

Using real wood increases the deforestation problems contributing to climate change. Natural wood planks also need cleaning and refinishing every few years. Choosing faux wood planks means little to no maintenance.

It’s also a more expensive choice than faux wood planks. These planks are lighter in weight than actual wood which makes installation easier. They also don’t contain hidden bugs, mold, or mildew

Faux Wood Ceiling Planks

Are you tired of your mid-1990s popcorn ceiling? What if you cover your ceiling with faux wood ceiling planks? The design options are endless.

Do you want planks straight across the ceiling? Do you want them to highlight a square room? You can cut 45° angles and bringing the boards from the walls to the center.

Tips When Planning Your Project

In your excitement to renovate your space, don’t skip the planning. This will save you time and money. The following are several tips to help make your project a success.

Choosing Your Materials

Begin by taking a good look at your current décor. Or, if you are creating a new look, make sure it’s well defined.

Do you want light tones such as grey or light pine? Or are you wanting a deep, rich oak, cherry, or mahogany color for your ceiling?

Lighter colored woods go well with pastel, white, and grey color schemes. This creates an airy, clean feel to the room.

Dark ceilings are more dramatic and formal. This compliments jewel tones and gold accent pieces.

Make a Budget

Few of us have an unlimited budget when it comes to renovations. Faux Wood Planks offer a less expensive option to real wood.

Create a specific budget for your project. Remember to include the cost of all materials needed. Common supplies include:

  • Wood to make support beams
  • Nail gun and nails
  • Measuring tape
  • Power saw, such as a chop or miter saw
  • Framing Square
  • Faux wood plank material
  • Hole saw
  • Tapping block
  • Hammer

You can often rent power tools from local hardware stores. This offers a less expensive option than buying them.

Decide How Much to Buy

How do you decide how much faux wood planking to buy? Begin by measuring the length and width of the ceiling. Multiply these 2 numbers together to find out how many square feet you need.

If the room has an irregular shape, break it up into smaller rectangles. Then calculate the square footage of each section and add them together. Ceiling planks often come in 4 feet wide by 10 feet long sections that you can cut to any length.

Prep the Planks

Often, the planks may have rough or uneven ends. You must have square ends to place against each other so the planks lie straight across the room. Jagged edges won’t fit tight and will leave gaps in the ceiling.

Some individuals choose to cut a 45°bevel on the ends of the planks. This “chamfer bevel” allows the boards to slide together and hide small defects.

Paint or Finish the Boards Before Installation

If you plan to paint or finish the planks, do this before putting them on the ceiling. It’s much easier to do this at a normal work level rather than above your head. If needed, you can do small touch-ups after installation.

Consider Installing Battens

Ceiling battens create a framework of 1 x 2 boards on the ceiling. This gives you a flat surface for your ceiling installation. If you’re putting the ceiling over drywall or plaster, battens are even more important.

The battens are placed about 2 feet apart across the ceiling. Be sure to install them perpendicular to the direction that you want your planks to go.

Hide the Nail Holes

Once the first board is in place, tap the next board so the tongue and groove snap together. Use a nail gun to put a nail into the tongue of this new board at a 45° angle attaching it to the batten. This eliminates visible nails in your ceiling.

Does the Idea of Faux Wood Excite Your Creativity?

The article has given information and tips for using Premium-Quality Faux Wood planks. Diamond Resin Products is among the largest American manufacturers of urethane resin architectural products.

You will find beams, corbels, columns, tongue and groove planks, rafter tails, and more. We can create products to meet your custom color and measurements.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all sales. Contact us today to find the perfect material for your project.