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Did you know that the right curb appeal can add 7% to the value of a property? This makes getting the outside appearance of your house just as vital as the inside. But how can you do it while managing to stay within a budget?

The answer to this lies in wood planks. Read on as we give our must-know guide on how to increase curb appeal using T&G faux wood planks.

Add Accent Siding

An accent is a change in texture or color that adds contrast to the look of a home. For example, a brick house that changes to wood siding higher up the walls can look outstanding if the textures and colors are chosen correctly. Many people are choosing to do this with wood planks outdoors to increase the curb appeal of their home.

Renovate the Porch with T&G Faux Wood Planks

The porch or entrance to a home is one of the most important elements when addressing curb appeal. As the gateway to the home, it draws the eye immediately. Yet as one of the most used, high traffic areas, porches and entrances can quickly become tired and dated.

Faux wood planks can add a real aesthetic to the beauty of your porch, particularly when they are combined with matching accent siding elsewhere on the property. You can also lay the flooring with the same materials, choosing a slightly different color or shade for contrast.

One area many people neglect is the porch ceiling. The wood here can become chipped and warp, and old paint can start to flake and crack. T&G ceiling planks will not only look great, but add an extra layer of protection to the porch.

Smaller Details

The beauty of planks is that any leftovers can be used for smaller DIY projects. Using them on outdoor items to tie the whole yard into the theme of the house. Planters and enclosures to house the trash cans and recycling are just some inventive uses for excess planks that can increase curb appeal.

Accessorize with Fences and Screens

Once you have beautiful tongue and groove wood planks on your property, you can enhance the look even further. Do this by adding extra fences and screens. Match the wood and color scheme, to tie the whole thing together.

Screens can be placed strategically to block the view of neighbors or the view from the street. You can even use creeping plants to add a natural aesthetic to the wood. If you match your fence as well, do not neglect the mailbox!

One other way to add a great contrast is to theme your shutters. They should not be matched to your siding but should have a fitting contrast. Bottle green on yellow siding or darker tones on a natural finish will work well.

Speak to a Professional

Now you know the value of T&G faux wood planks, it is time to choose them and get them installed. Speak with a professional in the local area. They should be able to advise you on the type of planks and how they will look when on your exterior.

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