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Do you look up in your home and see a blank white ceiling? Did you know it doesn’t have to always look like that? Now more than ever you can spice up any ceiling in your home by adding fake wood beams.

These beams are meant to give your home a new feeling, a warm home-like feeling, and give your ceiling a texture it has been missing.

Learn more about adding some fake wood beams to your home.

Fake Wood Beams

If you’ve never thought about adding some fake wood beams to your house, it is highly recommended. These beams are often seen in older homes and can make your ceilings look higher while adding a sense of “cozy” to any room.

Many people that are purchasing fake wood beams are doing so to just change the look of a room. Faux beams are made to fit any ceiling in any home. Your heart won’t be broken if you have a difficult space to fill.

Cost of Fake Wood Beams

When it comes time to remodel your home, you won’t be spending a lot to add fake wood beams. Your remodel cost will be low when it comes to ceilings.

Some common sizing for fake wood beams is 8, 10, 12, and 14-foot beams. There are numerous colors and textures also available. Based on these options you’ll be able to get a price for your new remodel.

Faux wood beams come in the option to be 3-sided or 4-sided. You can choose what works best for you based on your remodel cost and goals.

Depending on all of your options and style, a faux wood beam can range anywhere from $10-$3,000.

Tongue and Groove Wood Planks

When it comes to ceilings, you don’t have to settle for adding wood beams. You also have the option to use tongue and groove wood planks. These planks can easily snap together and give your ceiling another added look.

There are two kinds of tongue and groove options. The first one is a simple “v-groove.” This means the two pieces are pressed right up against each other to create a “v” shape. The other kind of groove is called a “nickel groove.” This groove is known to be a “nickel” width apart from each other, but you actually have the option of choosing the width.

Where to Purchase Wood Planks and Beams

You could head to any local hardware store to look into purchasing wood beams. If you want the best quality and brand, you should look to the experts for help, which is your local lumber yard.

Not only have they been dealing with only wood, but they also offer discounts and better pricing based on the material you are purchasing.

Add These Wood Features to Your Home Today

Whether you’re looking to add fake wood beams or wood planks, you’re sure to keep your remodel costs low when purchasing. Any wood feature you add to your house is sure to bring a sense of “cozy” and make all of your guests feel welcome.

To learn more about other wood upgrades, contact us today, and see what we can do for you.