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In 2018, homeowners spent an average of $9,081 on home improvement projects.

Depending on what you’re renovating, home improvement projects can add up quickly. Between supplies and labor, many home improvement projects can be thousands of dollars on their own.

Well, what if you could make a beautiful improvement to your home without spending tons of time and money? Well, you can with faux wood beams!

Faux wood beams are the perfect element to add to any room for a quick and easy transformation. Keep reading to learn more about why you need faux wood beams in your home!

5 Reasons to Buy Faux Wood Beams

What is faux wood?

Well, faux wood beams are beams that are made to look exactly like real wood, but they’re typically made from polyurethane instead. Faux wood can be used for shutters and floors as well.

Here’s why you should consider using faux wood beams:

1. They’re Versatile

When we think of faux wood beams, we typically picture them in an old country house.

While wood beams make a great addition to rustic themes and decor, they can fit any design theme! Add them to a modern, minimalistic room by choosing a lighter color. With a white ceiling and walls, the beam will stand out and add some character to the room.

If you buy them in a dark or espresso color, they’d fit in with your industrial theme as well.

You may think you’re limited by how you can install faux wood beams based on your ceiling. That’s actually not the case! You can add faux wood beams easily to any shape ceiling. Whether you have a vaulted ceiling, a flat ceiling, or even a suspended ceiling, a faux wood beam would fit perfectly.

You can place them on your ceiling vertically, horizontally, or even in criss-cross patterns. The design options for faux wood beams are truly endless.

2. They’re Durable

When we think of faux wood beams, we often assume that they’re not going to be durable enough to last for many years.

That couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, faux wood beams often last longer than real wood. This is because real wood will start to rot, chip, or split over time.

Plus, if pests get into your house, especially termites, your natural wooden beams will be a hot spot for them to create homes. Over time, termites will destroy the beam and you may not even realize they’re living in it since they’re so high up.

This creates a safety concern as well as an expensive repair project. Since faux is manufactured with polyurethane, it’s able to stand up against elements that may ruin a real wood beam. For example, moisture won’t bother the faux beam and pests aren’t going to be attracted to it.

You’ll save maintenance time and money in the long run when you choose faux over real wood.

3. They’re Easy to Install

One of the drawbacks of installing real wooden beams is how difficult they are to install.

They’re heavy, so getting them up to the ceiling can be dangerous and challenging, especially if you have higher-than-average ceilings. Also, if your ceiling isn’t able to hold the heavy wooden beams, you may need to add extra support beams around the house to hold the weight.

This could require you to open up the walls to place beams, depending on the layout and structure of your home. Having to open up the walls and install extra support beams will not only increase the amount of labor you’ll need to use, but you’ll have to pay much more.

If you’re hiring a professional to install the new support beams, you’re looking at a pretty hefty renovation bill.

On the other hand, faux wood beams are fairly inexpensive to buy and they can be installed by one person. All it takes is a few tools, an anchor, and some adhesive for the beam to stick to the ceiling.

No labor costs are necessary and the job can be done in a couple of hours!

4. Custom Finish Options

When you order faux wooden beams you have the option to fully customize them.

You can choose the color you want for the beam as well as the texture. This makes buying wood beams that match your home’s interior simple.

Sure, you can stain a real wood beam, but that is time-consuming and messy. With how much time a real wood beam takes to install, would you really want to take the time to stain the wood as well?

Having the opportunity to choose your color and texture will save you money because you’re not having to buy extra supplies to stain the wood yourself. If you decide later on that you want your beam to be a different color, you have the option to uninstall it, change it, then re-install it.

While you can stain a faux wood beam, you won’t have to initially because you can customize it to match your other interior decor.

5. Faux Wood Beams Are Still Functional

Now, just because faux wood beams look nice, doesn’t mean they aren’t also functional.

While they can be purchased to match faux wood flooring or make your white ceiling stand out, they serve you well beyond their looks. While the faux wood beams are lightweight, they still can be useful for:

  • Hiding wires
  • Hiding pipes
  • Covering cracks
  • Covering popcorn ceilings that appear uneven

If you have pipes or wires that are a bit of an eyesore, a faux wooden beam can cover them up since they’re hollowed out on the inside. They’re perfect for making a suspended ceiling look more inviting as well as making old ceilings seem a little more modern or stylish.

Are You Ready to Start Your Project?

Faux wood is a great alternative to real wood when you’re using it for ceiling beams.

Faux wood is lighter, requires less maintenance, and is less expensive than real wood. To start designing your faux wood beams, check out our options!