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Faux wood ceiling beams are all the rage among modern interior designers. Real exposed wood is expensive and difficult to maintain; that’s why the modern consumer is opting for simulated wood.

You may wonder if your ceiling requires any wood at all. If you’re looking to create a space that feels rustic and cozy, then installing a wood ceiling will do the job. This unique design will make your house stand out from the others, and raise the property value!

Wood never goes out of style. But designing the perfect wood ceiling takes a bit of clever planning. In this article, we’ll give you five great ideas for designing your very own faux wood ceiling.

Why Install a Faux Wood Ceiling?

If you love the look of wood but not the price, faux wood is a great alternative. You may not have thought about installing faux wood beams or panels across your ceiling, but the results are often incredible.

Putting wood accents on the ceilings in your home can make it feel rustic and cozy or light and breezy. When shopping for faux wood, you can choose between a wide variety of colors to match the aesthetic of your home. Coordinating wood accents on the ceiling will tie an entire room together.

Installing a wood ceiling will set you apart from other homes in your area. Even if you live in a suburban craftsman home, your interior can feel like a mountain cabin! Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want before shopping.

Tips for Designing a Wood Ceiling

Because the possibilities are endless when designing a wood ceiling, you may feel a little overwhelmed. If you’re just an everyday homeowner looking to spruce up your interiors, we can help. Our team of experts has compiled some of the best tips for creating the perfect ceiling design.

In this list, we’ve included examples from other homeowners and interior design enthusiasts. All of these can be accomplished using composite wood materials (and for a fraction of the cost!).

1. Lean Into the Rustic

Faux wood comes in many different colors and finishes. If you want to go for a farmhouse vibe in your home, seek out a cozy color with a distressed finish. A distressed or mottled finish will make the room look adorably rustic!

Rustic doesn’t necessarily mean dark wood, though! If you don’t want the room to feel overwhelmed by a deep wood, you can still achieve a rustic feel with light wood. Chestnut and blonde wood ceiling catch the light well, and make the whole space feel like a cheery alpine cabin!

This farmhouse master bedroom by Larissa of Prodigal Pieces shows what wood can really do to make a room feel cozy!

2. Warm Up Your Rooms

If you have a room that’s decked out in grays, whites, and eggshell blue tones, a wooden ceiling can warm up the entire space. Warm-hued wood planks spanning across the length of the ceiling makes a great complement to cool-toned spaces.

Consider where the sunlight falls when planning the wood for your ceiling. Warm-toned faux wood comes alive in the sun. The depth and texture of your wood will enliven the rest of the room!

This master bathroom redo by Traci of Beneath My Heart really takes faux wood to its fullest potential. The rest of the space can remain minimally furnished because the wood looks so good!

3. Think Beyond the Living Room

When thinking about putting in a wood ceiling, your initial impulse is probably to outfit the den or living room. This can work out well! But think beyond the living room.

You can coordinate faux wood ceiling accents through multiple rooms in your home. If you have an open floor plan, install beams perpendicular to the long side of the room. This will emphasize the distance and make the rooms feel bigger!

This can also create visual interest along a span of otherwise plain ceiling space. Putting in sections of wood ceiling panels surrounded by molding can elevate the whole space!

4. Frame Your Doorways

If your doorways are plain and painted, look into faux wood accents. You can find faux wood beams that will fit well around your doorways and match with other wood accents throughout your home.

You can choose to refit all of your doorways for a cohesive aesthetic throughout the house. Or you can choose a larger entryway to emphasize, as a transition point between two rooms. When outfitting a doorway, using a darker wood can really pay off and draw attention!

This faux wood doorway by the White Buffalo is amazingly simple. They show you the start to finish process of outfitting the entryway!

5. Insert a Pop of Color

You can choose a bright, vibrant wood with a shiny finish to draw the eye. You can find faux wood with vivid red tones to it that will be gorgeous in any space. Or you can make like some daring interior designers and use faux wood in vibrant color.

This can really pay off in partly outdoor spaces like sunrooms or patios. It also makes a great compliment to recreation rooms and kitchens. If you’re a sucker for bright colors, this may be the inspiration for you.

Transform Your Home With This Easy Renovation

We hope this article has shown you all you can do with a faux wood ceiling. Using faux wood allows you to achieve the farmhouse design of your dreams without breaking the bank! Composite beams are an exciting new trend in the field of interior design.

For the ultimate source of faux wood for your home, check out Diamond Resin Products. We have an exciting new patented faux wood collection that looks great in any room. Shoot us a message and see what we can do for you!